MA in English Literature

The English Department at Bar-Ilan University offers a range of possibilities for students interested in pursuing an advanced degree in English literature. Our MA in English Literature gives students a chance to expand their knowledge of English and American literature and develop high-level academic writing and research skills. Graduate seminars in Literary Translation are open to all graduate students on the basis of availability. Students may also apply for acception to create writing workshops (subject to approval by the instructor, based on availability and the student's qualifications). 

For more information check the English Literature Program Website 

creative writing program

MA in Linguistics

The Linguistics Division provides the students with a solid foundation in both theoretical and applied linguistics. Each student's program is constructed by the individual student and his/her supervisors. The program may include specialization in a combination of two or more of areas in linguistics, as well as in other fields such as brain sciences, psychology, or philosophy. Specializations can also involve research in the structure or use of a specific language or languages.

For more information check the Linguistics Program Website

Direct MA in Linguistics

The Department of English and English Literature offers a direct M.A. program for highly qualified undergraduate students. Students in this program can complete an M.A. without a thesis within four years of beginning their undergraduate studies or an M.A. with a thesis within five years.

For more information check the Linguistics Program Website

International MBA Program 

The International MBA Program at the S. Daniel Abraham Center of Economics and Business is a one-year program, taught entirely in English. Students are given a global perspective, together with real world applications, that allows them to master the complexities of today's increasingly sophisticated world of business. 

For more information check the International MBA (iMBA) Program website.

Faculty of Engineering

MSc in Electrical Engineering

This two-year program, taught entirely in English, offers tracks in electro-optics, nano and microelectronics, data science and information technology (signal processing, communications, computer engineering), and bioengineering. The MSc in Electrical Engineering is intended for those who have excelled in their BSc degree in Engineering and are eager to advance themselves in this cutting-edge field.
For more information check the MSc in Electrical Engineering Program website.

MA in Literary Translation

A growth field in the Humanities, literary translation is a natural for people who love literature and language and are looking for a practical way to turn this love into a profession.  The MA Program in English Literature with a focus on Literary Translation combines high-level literature seminars, creative writing and translation workshops, and is capped off with a year of one-on-one mentoring as the student prepares a creative thesis: the translation of a work of fiction, creative nonfiction or poetry. No knowledge of Hebrew is required; students may translate from any language into English, and all coursework is in English.

For more information check the MA in Literary Translation Program website

סטודנטים לומדים ברחבי הקמפוס

Graduate Program in Linguistics in Clinical Research

This program offers an MA and PhD in Linguistics in Clinical Research within the linguistics program already offered in the English Department. The studies greatly deepen the students’ understanding of how language works and deal with issues important to clinicians working in Israel, including bilingualism, dyslexia, and first and second language acquisition.

For more information check the Linguistics in Clinical Research Program website

The Shaindy Rudoff Graduate Program in Creative Writing

Since its inception in 2002, the Shaindy Rudoff Graduate Program in Creative Writing has attracted hundreds of local Anglo Israelis, Diaspora Jews and writers from around the world to spend a year (or longer) in Israel, honing their creative skills in English with the guidance of leading poets and fiction writers, in a context both Jewish and creative.

For more information check the Shaindy Rudoff Graduate Program in Creative Writing website

Last modified: 21/11/2017