Scholarships and Loans

Scholarships and Loans

New Immigrants (Olim) to Israel receive full tuition coverage by the Student Immigration Authority for three years of BA level study. The Bar-Ilan University Office for International Students offers students both a needs-based and an merit-based scholarship. BIU Financial Aid Forms can be found on the university website. In addition, there are numerous organizations which offer financial assistance.


For information regarding scholarships offered by the Scholarship Committee at the University, contact the Scholarships and Loans Division:

Department Head: Dr. Orly Perl


Submission deadline:
B.A.: May-July
M.A.: September-October
Ph.D.: September-October

Deferred Deadline for B.A: October

B.A.: During November
M.A.: December-January
Ph.D.: December-January

Additionally, the Israeli Government offers specific scholarships to Foreign students.  For more information click here.

More resources for Scholarships for foreign students:
BIU International B.A. Programs: Scholarships and aid
Board of Education Scholarships
Scholarships offered by Israeli Organizations
Israeli Government Scholarships for Foreign Students
NBN: Scholarships and Loans for University and College Students

Students who are tourists are entitled to apply for a MASA Grant.

Check out the BIU International website for more scholarship

For Canadian and US students:
Magbit Canada and AACI will be accepting scholarship applications between September 20 and November 22.
For more information please follow this link



The Dean Of Students Office – Ombudsman – offers different kinds of loans to students. For further information, contact the Overseas Students Program Office:

Mr. Daniel Schuval
Director of the Overseas Students Department

Bar-Ilan University
Ramat Gan 5290002

Tel: 972-3-531-7640 or 972-3-531-8275
Fax: 972-3-535-1522

New immigrant students are entitled to receive help in academic studies tuition by the Jewish Agency.  Tuition is fully covered by the Student Immigration Authority for three years of study for a BA and two years for an MA. For further information contact:
The Student Immigration Authority 
6 Esther Hamalka St.
Tel-Aviv 64398
Tel: 972-3-520-9155
Fax: 972-3-520-9178
For the Mechina Studies, New Immigrant students who served in the I.D.F. are entitled to full coverage according to the Defense Ministry criteria.

Other Loans Resources:
University Subsidies for Olim
Loans from the Israeli Center of Financial Consumerism
Loans Portal
International Students Loans Center
The Israel Post Bank Loans




Last modified: 26/11/2017