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The mission of the Center for IT Infrastructure & IS is to plan, establish, develop and maintain Bar-Ilan University's Information Technology infrastructure and Information Systems. Concurrently, CITIS must ensure the endurance, safety and relevance of the IT infrastructure and IS.

To meet these objectives, the University allocates a current operating budget and a limited development budget to CITIS, as well as permanent and temporary manpower.  CITIS' organizational structure is designed in accordance with these goals. As a result, it has deployed a broad range of services for end users.

Range of Services Offered to End Users

As in many other areas in our lives, the research, instruction and administrative activity attheUniversity, is based on computerization. The Center for IT Infrastructure & IS' mandate is to provide the different University populations with a broad range of computing services. These are based on three spheres of service.

The Spheres of Service

1. First Sphere Of Service

The first sphere of service, and the one closest to the end user, includes support of the user's work environment and of the ongoing operation of the applications he/she requires.

  • Direct support of research:

Support for research is provided via the computing systems and the diverse software packages that are examined, supported and maintained by the Scientific Applications Consultants and support personnel at CITIS.

  • Direct support of the work environment: 

CITIS supports the user, from the stage at which the computer is purchased, until a recommendation is made to replace it with another. During the course of the computer's life cycle, CITIS supports the user in all matters relating to his/her work environment's operation. This support covers two aspects - technical support and applications support.

  • Direct support of the purchase of computers and software:

CITIS provides the end user with services relating to the purchase of personal computers, peripheral equipment and software. These services include - consultations regarding purchases,

comparison of suppliers' prices and configurations,

ordering and coordinating installation with the suppliers.

The Customer Support Department is responsible for this sphere of service.  

2. Second Sphere of Service

The second sphere of service deals with:

Analyzing demands for information;

Creating and maintaining Information Systems, and administrative and academic software systems that operate in the end user's work environment.

  • CITIS analyzes, develops, operates and maintains the software systems dealing with all the issues related to operations on campus. These include:

the systems supporting Bar-e-Learn - E-Learning at the Bar-Ilan campus and colleges, branches and the preparatory programs; the financial and salary systems; the human resources systems; the mail and document management systems; various management systems, such as - controlling use of computational resources, support of the campus' entrance control system and the parking system.

The Information Systems Department is responsible for this sphere of service.       

3. Third Sphere of Service

The third sphere of service is the one most distant from the user. It deals with planning, constructing and maintaining the computing infrastructures. It is by means of the infrastructures, that the applications handling the first two service spheres are operated.

  • Included are the various computing platforms, as well as the campus networks and communication systems, upon which the academic and administrative applications operate. In most cases, the administrative and academic services both run on these platforms; therefore, a clear separation between the two populations with regard to the services provided cannot be made.
  • Support of the computing infrastructures includes:

server characterization,

consulting and support during its purchase,

installating the server and the relevant operating system,

installating the infrastructural applications,

monitoring their continuous operation,

ongoing maintenance and installing enhancements,

or repairing malfunctions in the infrastructure systems.

The IT Infrastructures Department is responsible for this sphere of service.

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