Library services at Bar-Ilan University are provided via a network of libraries, which includes the main Wurzweiler library, and faculty, departmental and research institute libraries. The collections of publications found in these libraries reflect the topics studied and researched at the university, and include a particularly rich collection dealing with Judaism. All campus libraries are open to the university's students.

The university's computerized library catalog is known as "Barkat". It is a consolidated catalog which lists all the books found in the university's collections, as well as the Hebrew and foreign language periodicals and the books of the central library. The computerized catalog includes all the books acquired since 1983, as well many books from earlier years. Material that is not included in the computerized catalog may be located via a manual card catalog found at the central library.

Using the computerized catalog, which comprises a part of "Aleph", the national inter-university system, one may search through all the books at all the libraries, institutes and databases connected to this network.

Central library services:

Regular borrowing of a book from the central library, which includes approximately 150,000 volumes.

Limited borrowing of books that are compulsory reading in various courses.

Borrowing books and periodicals that are not included in the university's collections from other libraries – these can be ordered from collections in Israel and abroad.

Guidance provided to individuals and groups by the Guidance and Counseling Department:
Group guidance on orientation within the library at the beginning of the academic year for first year students at the Faculties of Jewish Studies and Humanities.
Personal guidance, by appointment.

Databases on CD-ROM that facilitate locating bibliographic material, including full text on various topics, from the search stations at the central library and at other libraries on campus.

Online search of international databases via the library network site: from the search stations at the central library and at other libraries on campus.

Students whose Internet provider is "Barak" have access to ERL databases via the web from their homes, as well as to online databases on the university's web site. There is also access to additional databases on the intranet. For more details, visit the library network site: .

Printouts of articles that are required reading may be obtained via the ADA system at the central library, at the Social Sciences library, the School of Education library, the Department of Psychology library and the Faculty of Law library.

Photocopying services from rare books and microfilmed material.

"Ask the Librarian" service enables contact with the guidance department via e-mail or telephone:

Exhibitions of books, paintings and works of art – at the library's entrance hall.

The Herbert Berman Rare Book and Manuscript Collection:

The Herbert Berman Rare Book and Manuscript Collection at Bar-Ilan University contains about 20,000 rare and special books, and over 1,200 manuscripts. It is the 2nd most important collection in Israel, after only the National Library collection. The core of the Herbert Berman Collection is Judaica – Bible, halakhah, kabbalah, responsa, Jewish poetry and art, haggadot, hassidic literature, and more.
After nearly twenty years of collection, in 2000 the Berman family renovated and expanded Bar-Ilan’s Rare Book Room and dedicated the facility in the memory of their beloved Herbert Berman z"l. Now the literary treasures have a technologically sophisticated home with security and carefully regulated air quality.
Researchers and students from Bar-Ilan, other Israeli universities, and abroad make extensive use of the Herbert Berman Collection. Copy service is available.
438 rare and 978 special books recently were added to Bar-Ilan’s Herbert Berman Collection:
30 books from India and the East donated by the Sasson Family (2000).
200 Kabbalistic manuscripts and 600 rare books donated by Dr. Shlomo Moussaieff (2001). The curators are now digitizing Dr. Moussaieff’s contribution to make it available on the BIU library website.
The private collection of Rabbi Jacob Schechter, the late chief Rabbi of Ireland, consisting of hundreds of books, including many rare ones (2003).
The manuscript of the Prayer for the State of Israel, authored by Nobel Prize laureate Shai Agnon (2005).
Numerous donations from generous individuals throughout the years.
The Herbert Berman Collection is showcased continuously at the entrance to Bar-Ilans’s Central Library and is presented to the public with large-scale annual exhibitions on themes such as Eretz Yisrael in Books and Maps, and Amulets, Good-luck Charms and Segulot, and Censorship.
Master's degree dissertations written at Bar-Ilan University.
Microfilm of all the daily newspapers in Israel.
Last modified: 10/01/2018