Asian Studies Program

Asian Studies Program

Why Asian Studies?
As of today, Asia inhabits one third of the world's population. The economy of Asian countries – China, Japan, S. Korea, India, and South East Asian countries, have become a financial force not to be ignored. A degree in Asian Studies will expand your horizons and introduce you to a brand new world, providing you with countless career opportunities in diplomatic service, international organizations and global business corporations. 

Why choose Bar-Ilan's Asian Studies Program?

Because of our study track offering
The Asian Studies track is part of the Interdisciplinary BA in Humanities offered by Bar-Ilan. Consequently, students of the Asian Studies track can incorporate a wide variety of courses from other departments of the Humanities, Social Sciences and Jewish Studies faculties. 

Because of our extensively versatile curriculum
The curriculum of the Asian Studies Program focuses on the study of China, Japan, India, Korea and South East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia), and includes language courses (Chinese or Japanese). In the coming academic year (2011/2012), a new multidisciplinary study track will be offered uniquely at Bar-Ilan: Asian Studies for Law Students.

Because our program was voted "Most Popular"
The South East Asia Studies Program has been operating under the auspices of the Department of the Interdisciplinary BA in Humanities for four years now. The results of a student satisfaction survey conducted at BIU this past academic year place the Asian Studies Program among the ten most popular study tracks at Bar-Ilan.

Because of the fusion of Law Studies and Asia Studies
The joint study track enables Law students to major in Asian Studies as part of their Law degree, and graduate with an LL.B. as well as a Multidisciplinary BA in Asian Studies. During the course of their studies, the students will be introduced to the legal, political, economic and social systems of key Asian countries, and may choose to study either Chinese or Japanese. This unique Program is intended for Law students who have completed their first year of Law School with an 85 GPA at minimum.

Because of the familial and cultivating atmosphere
Since this is a unique new Program, our students enjoy innovative learning initiatives and highly motivated faculty. Our students are socially integrated, and highly involved in extra curricular academic activities throughout the year.  Among such activities are departmental seminars held by our leading professors, workshops and enrichment programs. During the past academic year we offered a calligraphy workshop, given by an internationally renowned Japanese master, and a departmental event (organized in collaboration with the Student Union), offering Karate and Indian Dance practices. These activities greatly contribute to the social morale and the special atmosphere of our Program.  

Because of the international scholarships
Excelling students are eligible for prestigious scholarships for a summer semester in China and India's best universities.

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Last modified: 04/07/2016