Why study Communication?

Communication is all around us. We use it every day without even noticing; we maintain personal communications with our family and friends, we consume mass media, we create and participate in social networks, and even by talking, thinking and expressing ourselves - we communicate.

Communication studies are intended for those who want to influence and leave their mark on the world, who wish to take part in making tomorrow's news -- today. However, to accomplish that, one has to understand the media: Why is the same topic presently differently from one media outlet to another? What makes Google or Facebook so popular? Which medium is more influential - cinema, TV, radio, internet, or maybe the mobile phone? If you are interested in these questions - your place is with us.

Why study at Bar-Ilan's School of Communication?

Because of our extensive experience and excellent faculty members
Bar-Ilan University has over 30 years of experience in teaching communication, and prides itself with hundreds of B.A. and M.A. graduates. The faculty members of the School of Communication and related units are internationally renowned researchers and lecturers, with extensive experience in all fields of communication: print press, TV, radio, advertising, marketing, public relations, spokesmanship and new media.

Because of the career opportunities
Our graduates are sought after and well established in all fields of communications, both locally and globally. Many work in advertising or public relations offices, some in radio or TV stations, others in various websites and a significant number in the press. Many of our graduates are media consultants in government or private offices, while others have chosen to pursue an academic research and teaching career.

During the third year of studies, our BA students can already participate in our internship program, in which they intern in different media organizations such as PR offices, news websites, government offices and others. Through the program the students gain practical exprience in the field and acquire important tools which will assist them in their future careers.

Because of our diversified curriculum
Bar-Ilan's School of Communication offers a B.A. study track in Communication as a Major, with a selection of other disciplines as Minors. The School also offers a Double Major B.A. Program, in collaboration with the Departments of  Political Studies, Economics and Information Science.

Outstanding students can join unique study tracks for advanced degrees, such as the four year long direct MBA study track, which offers a BA in Communications and an MBA, or the direct PhD study track.

Because of our study tracks for advanced degrees
The School of Communication offers several study tracks for advanced degrees, and students are regularly invited to attend the School's seminars and academic activities. Two study tracks are offered for an MA in Political Communication - a reserach study track, with or without thesis, and, of course, a PhD study track.

Because of the professional experience
Practical work is an integral part of the School's study programs. As such, students can take part in any number of practical workshops in different fields - journalistic writing, website promotion, radio broadcast and editing, TV reporting, advertising, marketing, and more.

Because of our research centers
The School of Communication founded and operatesThe Bar-Ilan Center for International Communication (CIC) and The Center for Media and Law in Israel (in collaboration with the BIU Faculty of Law).  Both centers have no parallels in Israel.  Aside from academic and reserach activities, these centers also hold unique workshops and professional conferences, providing extracurricular enriching activities for the students.  Three additional centers are being planned for the near future - the Center for New Communication, the Center for Communication and Homeland Security, and the Center for Communication Reserach in Israel.

For more information about the School of Communication at Bar-Ilan University, refer to the School's website, or check out the School's   page.

Last modified: 18/10/2015