Conflict Management & Negotiation

Conflict Management & Negotiation

Why study Conflict Management & Negotiation?
In a modern world with international relations based on diplomacy, mediation, and the ability to achieve agreement and acceptance from rivals and enemies, the ability to negotiate and manage conflicts is a high priority for anyone wishing to enter the field of politics, diplomacy, public management or local government. 

Conflict Management and Negotiation is an interdisciplinary field combining studies in various academic domains: Social Sciences (Political Science, International Relations, Sociology, Psychology, Social Work, Criminology, Education and Economics); Humanities (History, Rhetoric and Philosophy); Law, and Jewish Studies. This field provides graduates with the opportunity to pursue a career in a vast number of academic fields, as well as high ranking positions in the private and public sectors.

Because of the intriguing syllabus and study track offering
The Interdisciplinary Program in Conflict Management and Negotiation at Bar-IlanUniversity focuses on graduate level (M.A with/without thesis and Ph.D) studies. The program primarily concentrates on three fields: International and Regional Conflicts, Dialogue and Conflict Management in Israel, and Interpersonal and Community Mediation and Conflict Reduction Techniques. Faculty and students examine the uses of models of negotiation, diplomacy and conflict management in a wide range of issues of central importance to Israeli society and internationally.

Because of our excellent student body
Studies in the academic track are open to applicants who completed their first degree with excellence. Program participants will study advanced courses dealing with a variety of theoretical issues relating to conflict. Our students hold academic degrees from different disciplines, with various areas of specialization and skills. The varied background of our students adds to the character of the intellectually challenging academic environment. Our students include professionals from fields such as psychology, social work, mediation, law, and more, as well as freshly graduated BA holders.

Because of the research opportunities and practical training
BIU's Program of Conflict Management and Negotiation includes comprehensive academic research foundations in areas relating to conflicts, and acquire conflict management and resolution tools. Within this framework, the students acquire an understanding of the tools used in handling and coping with the complex reality of Israeli society, including conflicts at various levels: personal, communal, political and international. Additionally, the Program allows participants to conduct in-depth research and to undergo basic training in negotiation and mediation practices as part of their academic studies. 

Because of our unique workshop
The Program offers a concentrated workshop in negotiation and mediation techniques in various environmental contexts, including labor relations, family, community, diplomacy, etc. Upon completion of the course (2 annual hours), the students will receive a mediation certificate based on the requirements of the Ministry of Justice. The workshop is an elective course and requires additional payment (in addition to the regular tuition. The number of participants in this course is limited in order to ensure the full benefit of this workshop experience.) 

Because of the Bar-Ilan Campus Mediation Center
The Bar-Ilan Mediation Center, staffed by our Program’s faculty, graduates and students, provides minimal cost mediation and conflict management services to the campus community and beyond. Students are exposed to practical training in mediation and conflict management programs as part of their graduate Program. The Center also handles cases referred by the Israeli courts. These cases are mediated by students supervised by experienced mediators. Center volunteers have also been active in introducing educational Programs about mediation in elementary schools in Israel.

For more information about Bar-Ilan's Interdisciplinary Program in Conflict Management and Negotiation, refer to the Program's website.
Last modified: 14/05/2017