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Environmental & Global Research of Aquatic Systems

Environmental and Global Research of Aquatic Systems at Bar-Ilan University:

What Lies Beneath

When the young naturalist Charles Darwin took to the sea aboard the HMS Beagle in 1826, he began an intellectual journey that would eventually serve as the foundation for ecology – a modern scientific discipline that embraces both the organization of life at various levels of complexity, and organisms’ relationship with the physical world.
Today, researchers at Bar-Ilan University are participating in the rebirth of maritime natural history, by spearheading integrated advances in the study of marine environments. They work at all levels, from genetic studies, to the physiological characterization of organisms, to the examination of habitats, to the system-wide analysis of biodiversity, air and water circulation, and ecosystem function.
Employing cutting edge techniques taken from the world of chemistry, physics and the biological sciences, BIU experts are revealing important information that will help mankind preserve and protect the environments that make up over 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, while enhancing the future availability of water-based resources for the benefit of all.



Last modified: 22/05/2011