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Systems Biology & Biomedicine

Systems Biology and Bio-Medicine Research at Bar-Ilan University:

Life in its Marvelous Complexity

Systems Biology is “network” science, in which different levels of bio-based activity – from molecules to cells to tissues – are examined as part of the same larger puzzle. More than just an attitude about basic research, Systems Biology is transforming medical practice. Echoing a dream famously articulated by Dr. Leroy Hood – then a researcher at Caltech – Systems Biology has the potential to replace today’s “reactive” treatments with medicine that is predictive, personal, participatory and ultimately, preventative. 
At Bar-Ilan University, a core group of systems-based researchers are revolutionizing our understanding of complex biological processes, and creating new tools that may hold the key to conquering health problems such as cancer, diabetes, and AIDS. They are elucidating the “design principles” of biological networks, applying new experimental and computational techniques to the study of disease, creating new technologies, and devising new methods for modeling network-based activity.
Connecting the dots between every aspect of a fully functioning organism, the goal of the Bar-Ilan Systems Biology team is as practical as it is visionary: to perform the basic research that – someday – will give physicians the same kind of control over cells that electronic engineers have over their circuits.


Last modified: 22/05/2011