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Communications & Security

Communications and Security Research at Bar-Ilan University:

Connections You Can Count On

When telegraph pioneer Samuel Morse transmitted his first message along just 40 miles of wire in 1844, he chose the Biblical verse: “What hath God wrought”? Today, scientific advances in communications technology allow messages to circle the globe in the blink of an eye. Even God’s heavens – now studded with message-bouncing communications satellites – don’t seem so remote anymore.
At Bar-Ilan University, a core group of specialists are advancing the discoveries needed to share and protect knowledge transmitted over networks. Some are developing new technologies for signal identification and transmission. Others are designing the materials destined for use in tomorrow’s communications devices. Still others are advancing theoretical models for optimizing signal transfer, or creating new solutions for information security. Finally, BIU scientists are also re-defining what it means to communicate, by creating new protocols for the interface between man and machine, and between machines themselves.
From smoke and flag signals, to the invention of lead pencils, to the advent of the Internet, communication technologies have profoundly influenced the evolution of societies, and helped them advance their personal, military and industrial agendas. By helping to strategize new routes for the production and coordination of information across long distances, Bar-Ilan researchers are making an important contribution to Israel, and the world as a whole.


Last modified: 22/05/2011