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Materials Science

Materials Science Research at Bar-Ilan University:

The Stuff of Scientific Dreams

Imagine a material that soaks up fifty times its weight in crude oil. Or a lightweight battery strong enough to power long trips in the family car. These advances ­­– and many others – may be just around the corner, thanks to Materials Science, a field that is creating exciting change in communications, computers, medicine and energy production.
A leader in Materials Science research, Bar-Ilan University has been ranked number three in the world for citations per published paper in this field, beating out prestigious institutions such as Harvard, MIT, Oxford and Cambridge. The University’s outstanding impact has been noted by the European Union, which designated BIU as the EU’s “Marie Curie Training Site for Novel Fabrication Methods for Nanoscale Materials.” Materials-related research brings millions of dollars in grants into the University every year, and is the driving force behind a host of patents and industrial collaborations.
For years, Bar-Ilan has built its competitive edge from the bottom up, investing carefully in infrastructure, while successfully recruiting top young researchers. Together with BIU’s veteran scientists – many of whom are leaders in their fields – these young recruits benefit from dynamic, cross-discipline cooperation between researchers trained in physics, chemistry, nanotechnology and the life sciences. The BIU team is helping us understand materials, improve them, and match them to the critical needs of the future.


Last modified: 22/05/2011