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Cancer Research

Cancer Research at Bar-Ilan University:

Where the Cure Begins



Cancer causes millions of deaths every year. But even for those who beat the disease, clinical treatment can be harrowing. Radiation and chemotherapy can cause hair loss, nausea and debilitating weakness. Worse, they can devastate the immune system, leaving the patient exposed to infection and even death.
At Bar-Ilan University, a multidisciplinary approach to research is making inroads in the global war against cancer. Looking beyond just the destruction or surgical removal of tumors, Bar-Ilan researchers are exploring the body’s ability to heal itself, while creating new protocols for targeted treatment.
One of the world’s foremost centers for cancer immunology, Bar-Ilan is home to scientists who are developing strategies for enhancing the body’s natural ability to block tumor formation. Bar-Ilan laboratories are also breaking new ground in the areas of cancer genetics and genomics, tumor dynamics, targeted drug treatment and advanced medical imaging. 
By creating partnerships between bio-based scientists and colleagues trained in nanotechnology, computer science, chemistry and physics, Bar-Ilan is helping to crack the mystery of cancer, while leading the charge toward improved prevention, diagnostics and treatment.


Last modified: 22/05/2011