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Drug Discovery, Design & Delivery

Drug Discovery, Design and Delivery Research at Bar-Ilan University:

The Science of Good Medicine

When it comes to discovering the drugs that save lives, chance favors the prepared mind.
This statement – attributed to Dr. Louis Pasteur – aptly describes the convergence of scientific disciplines that are powering medically significant discoveries at Bar-Ilan University. 
In laboratories all over the campus, Bar-Ilan researchers are “preparing minds” by identifying molecular factors that trigger illness; by modeling, synthesizing and testing new compounds for intervention; and by designing path-breaking strategies for effective drug delivery. At the same time, they are creating techniques needed to confront tomorrow’s medical challenges.
By examining wellness and disease from the molecular to the clinical to the societal level, Bar-Ilan University is writing a prescription for a healthier future.

Last modified: 22/05/2011