Ph.D. - French Culture Studies

Ph.D. - French Culture Studies



The Department of French Culture offers several parallel Ph.D. research programs, in both French and Hebrew. These courses provide doctoral students with a variety of possibilities, including:

Ÿ          Specializing in French and Francophone literature (North Africa, Antilles, Quebec, etc.)

Ÿ          Expertise in linguistics and various approaches to textual analysis (hermeneutics, argumentation and discourse analysis) with an emphasis on literature and journalism

Ÿ          An emphasis on Jewish studies within the above specified domains (representation of the Jew, anti-Semitism and Holocaust scholarship)


The Department's main research areas are:

Ÿ          French Canadian Literature and Culture

Ÿ          French Theatre

Ÿ          Holocaust Literature in French

Ÿ          Literature and Art

Ÿ          Medieval and Renaissance Literature in France

Ÿ          Representation of the Jew in French Literature

Ÿ          Social Discourse Analysis and argumentation of the written press in France or in contemporary non-literary texts

Ÿ          Visual Rhetoric

Ÿ          Popular literature and culture




For more information refer to the Department of French Culture Studies' website.

Last modified: 22/07/2012