Ph.D. - French Culture Studies

Ph.D. - French Culture Studies



The Department of French Culture offers several parallel Ph.D. research programs, in both French and Hebrew. These courses provide doctoral students with a variety of possibilities, including:

  • Specializing in French and Francophone literature (North Africa, Subsaharan Africa, Antilles, Quebec, etc.)
  • Expertise in linguistics and various approaches to textual analysis (hermeneutics, argumentation and discourse analysis) with an emphasis on literature and journalism
  • An emphasis on Jewish studies within the above specified domains (representations of the Jew, anti-Semitism and Holocaust scholarship)


Current members of the Department of French Culture are willing to discuss research possibilities in many fields but they are particularly well qualified to supervise Ph.D theses in the following areas:

  • Medieval French Literature
  • French Literature of the Renaissance (16th century)
  • Modern and Contemporary French Literature (19th century to the present day: poetry, prose, theatre)
  • Popular French Literature and Culture, including Bande Dessinée
  • Postcolonial Francophone Literature from Subsaharan Africa
  • Representations of the Jew in French Literature
  • The Shoah in French Literature
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Social Discourse Analysis amd Argumentation of the written press in France or in contemorary non-literary texts
  • Visual Rhetoric


For more information refer to the Department of French Culture Studies' website.

Last modified: 14/09/2017