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Executive MBA Program (EMBA)

Executive MBA Program (EMBA)


 Graduatesearn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Bar-Ilan University - non-research track.

Admission requirements

An undergraduate Bachelor's degree from a recognized academic institution, five years of managerial experience and a personal interview.

The EMBA academic requirements are almost identical to those of the School’s regular MBA program, with relevant modifications to accommodate program goals and adapted to the needs of the target student population of executives and practitioners.

Concentrated studies

The EMBA program is designed to span one full calendar year (12 consecutive months, excluding complementary studies (where deemed necessary). Courses are conducted on Thursdays (full day) and Friday (half-day).

Study program

A total of 22 study hours are required for degree completion, not including unique courses.

The scope of studies of each of the courses, with the exception of the integrative studies, is one annual hour. Within the framework of the program, students may choose two elective courses from the School’s regular MBA program or other Masters graduate–level courses offered at the University; courses are subject to prior approval.

For more information, refer to the Executive MBA Program website.

Last modified: 24/04/2014