M.A. - Mathematics

M.A. - Mathematics



Courses of study

·     Mathematics (with a thesis)

·     Pure mathematics research areas: Algebra, Analysis, Combinatorics, Geometry, Probability, Number Theory, Topology.

·     Applied mathematics research areas: Applied Graph Theory, Computational Geometry, Differential Equations, Financial Mathematics, Mathematical Biology and Bioinformatics, Mathematical Physics, Numerical Methods.

·     Financial Mathematics (without a thesis)

Admission requirements

Pure or Applied Mathematics: A Bachelor's degree in a suitable track in Mathematics or Statistics (expanded or major) with an average of at least 80%.

Financial Mathematics: An average of 80% in the Exact Sciences or Economics and Business Administration.

Master's degree study tracks

Track 1 – includes coursework, research and submitting a written thesis.

Track 2 – in Financial Mathematics, which consists of coursework only, without a thesis.

Study Programs

Pure or Applied Mathematics: 14 annual hours of coursework (including core courses, elective courses and seminars) and a thesis.

Financial Mathematics: 23.5 annual hours of course-work. 

Duration of studies: The duration of studies for a Master's degree with a thesis is two years (4 semesters). In the Financial Mathematics track: 1.5 years (4 semesters, including a summer semester).

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