Ph.D. - Faculty of Life Sciences

Ph.D. - Faculty of Life Sciences



The Faculty offers students the opportunity to pursue doctoral degrees in the following areas:

·          Algal Photobiology, Coral Ecophysiology

·          Biochemical and Physiological Role of Natural Antioxidants in Oxidative Stress

·          Biology Simulations

·          Biophysics and Structural Biology

·          Biophysics, Pharmacology and Structure of Ion Channels

·          Brain Physiology

·          Cancerous Processes, Mammalian Gametogenesis and Fertilization

·          Cellular Neurophysiology

·          Cellular Physiology

·          Cellular, Molecular and Clinical Immunology

·          Comparative Immunology and Genetics

·          Computational and Mathematical Immunology; Immuno-Informatics

·          Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

·          Coral Reef Biology in a Changing Environment

·          Coral Reef Biology, Photosynthesis, Circadian Clocks and Calcification

·          Development, Genetics, and Evolution

·          Ecology and Biological Oceanography

·          General and Marine Ecology, Energetics of Photosynthesis

·          Heart Research

·          Lectinology, Blood Cells and Microbiology

·          Magnetic Resonance

·          Marine Biology

·          Mathematical Biology

·          Mechanism of Mammalian Fertilization

·          Medical Microbiology

·          Microbiology – Biofilms and Microbial Interactions

·          Molecular Biology of Aging

·          Molecular Biology of Cancer and Inflammatory Diseases

·          Molecular Ecology

·          Molecular Embryology

·          Molecular Immunology

·          Molecular Neurobiology and Neuroimmunology

·          Neurobiology and Behavior

·          Neuropsychopharmacology of Reward and Depression

·          Oceanography

·          Phototherapy and Photodiagnosis of Cancer

·          Plant Molecular Biology

·          Plant Pathology and Plant Breeding

·          Post-Transcriptional Regulation of Gene Expression; Molecular Parasitology

·          Reactive Systems

·          Regulation of Proliferation and Apoptosis

·          Stem Cell Biology; Biotechnology

·          Structural and Functional Genomics

·          Structural Studies of Cell Signaling Assemblies

·          Systems Biology

·          Systems Biology; High Throughput; Cancer Research; Signaling Pathways

·          Terrestrial Ecology

·          Transcriptional Control of Gene Expression

·          Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy

·          Virology

·          Visualization of the Gene Expression Pathway in Normal and Cancerous Cells.

 For more information about Ph.D. study tracks at the Faculty of Life Science, refer to the Faculty's website

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