Failing Courses, Improving Grades

Failing Courses, Improving Grades

Special / Additional Exams

Students receiving a failing grade, or who are not satisfied with their grade in the exam taken on the regular exam date, may take the exam again on the second (optional) date of the course in the same year. If a repeat exam is taken, the last grade is the determining grade.

Students who failed an exam on both the regular and second (optional) exam dates, or who were absent on the two dates for unjustified reasons (see below) or who failed on one date and were absent on the other without justification, will not be eligible to take an additional exam. They will be able to register again for the same course and take an examination like any other student. Students will not be able to take the same course more than twice, nor take the course exam more than four times (two exams each time the course is taken).

The following students may request permission to take exams on special dates:

·          Students who took the exam on one date only, and did not take the exam on the second date or on both dates for justified reasons (see below).

·          Students who have completed all their studies for their Master's degree with the exception of 1-2 exams in courses that they studied during their last year of study, i.e.:

o         Fulfilled all the requirements for a Master's degree (including the research, thesis – for students in Track 1) and took the exams in all the courses.

o         Submitted all the required papers / essays.

o         Received passing grades in all the courses, and all the grades were entered into the computer and are included in the studies report.

Justified reasons for missing an exam:

·          Students who were on military reserve duty and therefore could not take an exam on one of the dates will be eligible to take an exam of a special date during the course of the study year.

·          Students that were on military reserve duty for a consecutive period of 14 days and were released from their military duty up to two weeks before the exam date will also be eligible to take an exam of a special date.


Special Exam Dates

Special exams will take place at the following times:

·          With the regular exams of the courses of the current year.

·          In courses that are not delivered in the current year, a special date will be set in coordination with the Exams Section.

Procedure for Requests to Improve Grades

Students who were not satisfied with the grades they received in the first exam date may take the exam again on the second (optional) exam date of the course, during the study year that they are participating in the course. They are to register for the exam via the Exam Section and subject to its instructions. The exam taken for the purpose of improving a grade will be included in the number of the times the students are eligible to take the exam in the course that he wants to improve his grade in.

Students who have not taken a repeat exam on the second exam date of the course during the study year that they are participating in the course, will be able to contact the Master's Degree Section and request a repeat exam (see section 1 above, date for submitting requests to the Status Section), under the following conditions:

·          The course is delivered again in the following study year.

·          The course is not a prerequisite for an advanced course that the students have taken or are taking.

·          The course is not included in the list of courses in which there is a restriction stating that the grade can only be improved during the same year in which the course is studied, in accordance with the departments' decisions.

Students found to be eligible for improving their grade will be permitted to take the exam only in the study year following the one in which they participated in the course the first time.

Students may improve an exam grade only once in each course.

It is forbidden to register again for a course for the purpose of improving a grade.

Resubmission of an assignment/workshop for the purpose of improving a grade already given by the lecturer will not be permitted.

Repeat exams for the purpose of improving a grade will be conducted on the regular dates together with that year's examinees, on material studied in the same year, or on a special date that has been approved in any case by the Status Section. A request to improve a grade will not constitute grounds for approval of a special date.

A special exam for the purpose of improving a grade will not be approved after receipt of confirmation of eligibility for the degree.

In each case of a repeat exam, the last grade will be the determining grade. Any previous grade will be cancelled once a student arrives to take an additional exam in the same course.


Last modified: 04/01/2011