Duration of Studies

Duration of Studies

The duration of studies in Track 1 (including research, thesis) and Track 2 (without a thesis) is two years.

The Committee allows extending the studies to a third year in justified cases and with the recommendation of the head of the department and the supervisor – only to students in the track that includes a thesis (with the exception of students at the Faculties of Exact Sciences and Life Sciences).

The number of years will also apply when a change is made in the course of study or the subject of the research. Failure to meet the above time requirements will result in termination of studies. Requests for extensions will be rejected, except in highly exceptional cases.

Requests for an extension are to be submitted to the Committee along with the recommendation of the head of the department. Continuation of studies is conditional on the approval of the request by the Committee.

Students that are required to complete complementary courses at a scope of more than 6 annual hours (in the year they were accepted) and will do so in practice will be eligible for a third year beyond the two years.


Last modified: 04/01/2011