Students' Status

Students' Status

Regular student

A Master's degree student (without any conditions)

Students with conditional status

Master's degree students who are required to meet certain defined conditions, such as completing Bachelor's degree studies, completing courses – up to 6 annual hours, and the like. The students must fulfill the requirements within their first year of study.

Student with a special status

Students who has been accepted and required to complete complementary courses at a scope of more than 6 annual hours will be accepted with special status and will be required to complete these studies within their first year of study. Once they finish the complementary studies at the required average, they will submit a request for change of status for Master's degree and will be considered as first year students toward a Master's degree.

Change of status

Students who have met the acceptance requirements determined for them will submit a request for change of status. The students will not be permitted to continue their studies if they have not met the terms defined upon their acceptance. Students failing to meet the conditions and interested in continuing their studies will submit a request to the Committee and request an extension allowing them more time to fulfill the requirements, along with a recommendation from the head of the department. The continuation of studies is conditional on the approval of the request by the Committee.


Last modified: 04/01/2011