Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Applicants must have a Bachelor's degree from a recognized academic institution with a grade average of at least 76%. Most departments require a higher average. In cases where the number of applicants is high, the grade threshold may be set higher.

Master's degree students often continue their studies in the same department in which they studied for their Bachelor's degree. If their Master's degree studies are in another course of study / department, they will be required to complete complementary studies.

Students may choose their minor subject in their Bachelor's degree studies as their specialization subject for their Master's degree. They will be required to complete complementary courses as required by the head of the department and approved by the chairman of the Master's Degree Committee. The Committee may require them to take additional courses as well.

In extraordinary cases, the Committee may accept as a student an applicant without a university degree, if there is proof of his/her proficiency and professional activity at a level equivalent to that of the academic education of a student that has earned a Bachelor's degree. Such exceptional individuals must apply via the relevant department. The decision regarding acceptance requires the unanimous agreement of all the participants at the Committee meeting.


Last modified: 04/01/2011