Science, Technology & Society

Science, Technology & Society

Studies in the integrated track toward a Ph.D. (Master's and Ph.D. degree studies)

Students that began their studies in Track 1, have undergone screening within the program, including an Integrated Exam, and are found to meet the requirements detailed in the integrated track's regulations, may complete their Ph.D. degree within the framework of their studies in the program.

The obligations of students studying in the integrated track are identical to those of Master's degree students studying in Track 1. Students in the integrated track are not required to submit a thesis like the other students studying in Track 1; instead, they are required to submit a research proposal to the Ph.D. Degree Committee, in which they will present a detailed research program for their Ph.D. thesis.


Doctoral students pursue projects in a rich array of fields and sub-disciplines:


·          Science and Technology Studies

·          Philosophy of Science and Technology

·          History of Science 

·          Internet Studies

·          Digital Culture Studies

·          Evolutionary Theory and Biological Thought

·          Anthropology and Sociology of Medicine

For more information, refer to the Program's website.

Last modified: 08/11/2011