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Science, Technology & Society

Study Program

The study program is adapted to the academic background of each student, and to the requirements of his or her particular research program. The studies include 8 annual hours of core courses and an additional 12 annual hours of elective courses and advance seminars. Total: 20 annual hours.

The program includes only studies in Track 1 format – with research and the submission of a thesis.

Students can study in the program in one of the following tracks:

Master's degree (M.A.) studies

Studies in this track include fulfilling obligations in courses at a scope of 20 annual hours, conducting research and writing a thesis.

Studies in the integrated track toward a Ph.D. (Master's and Ph.D. degree studies)

Students that began their studies in Track 1, have undergone screening within the program, including an Integrated Exam, and are found to meet the requirements detailed in the integrated track's regulations, may complete their Ph.D. degree within the framework of their studies in the program.

The obligations of students studying in the integrated track are identical to those of Master's degree students studying in Track 1. Students in the integrated track are not required to submit a thesis like the other students studying in Track 1; instead, they are required to submit a research proposal to the Ph.D. Degree Committee, in which they will present a detailed research program for their Ph.D. thesis.


Last modified: 30/12/2010