BIU Regional Colleges

BIU Regional Colleges

Bar-Ilan University conducts academic studies in colleges situated all over Israel. These colleges include Safed College in the north,  Western Galilee College  near Acre, Kinneret College near Tiberius, and Ashkelon Regional College in the south.

As of 1992, the University's extensions operate as independent regional colleges. The studies in the academic divisions are conducted under the auspices and academic responsibility of Bar-Ilan University.

Status of the students studying at the academic (regional) colleges operating under the auspices of Bar-Ilan University

Students of the colleges who have been accepted to the University's departments and courses of study by the University's Student Admissions Committee, who have studied in the academic studies division under the auspices and responsibility of the University and have fulfilled all the University's academic requirements as outlined in its regulations, procedures and in the resolutions of its authorized institutions, are considered, from the perspective of their academic status only, as University students.

Within the framework of the University's academic supervision over the studies conducted at the colleges' academic division, the University has been granted academic supervision authorities in issues such as approval of the study programs, acceptance to the University's departments and courses of study, determination of the proper academic infrastructure, approval of the teachers' appointments and their assignation, etc.

Graduates of the colleges are awarded a Bar-Ilan University Bachelor's degree.


Study tracks at the colleges: Multidisciplinary B.A., specialization studies in disciplinary departments, basic Jewish studies and complementary studies in English and in Hebrew. 

The Multidisciplinary B.A. Program

Holocaust Studies, Jewish History, History of the Jewish People, Land of Israel Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Society and Sociology, Sociology and Human Resources, Society and Economics, Economics and Business Administration, Economics and Investment Financing, Society and State, State and Communications, State and Security, State and Human Resources, Administration and Organization, Criminology and Law Enforcement, Psychology, Society and Criminology, Arabic, Special Education, Educational Counseling, Society and Education, Environmental Studies, Information Studies, Education and Technology, Information in Education, Technology and Information, Life Sciences and Exact Sciences, Humanities and Communication.


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