BA & MA for Excelling Students

BA & MA for Excelling Students

The direct study track to a Master's degree is an expedited study track to Bachelor's and Master's degrees that is intended for excelling students studying toward a Bachelor's degree in an expanded subject only. Eligibility to study in this track is determined based on high achievements during the course of Bachelor's degree studies at the University.

Students in this track will benefit from a reduction in courses as compared with the regular track, as well as from a reimbursement of tuition.

Students in the direct track are required to complete their Bachelor's and Master's degrees in the track that includes research and in the track without research within a defined time frame, as stated below.

In order to meet this goal of completing the two degrees within the allocated period of time, and to allow excelling students to integrate themselves into the expedited track for advanced studies, a special Bachelor's degree study program has been developed, which is basically uni-departmental (expanded subject), and in which the quota of studies is lower than the usual, and it allows participating in Master's degree courses already at the third year of study.

Structure of Studies toward Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in the Direct Track

Excelling students who have been accepted to the direct track will study the following program at the University:

Bachelor's degree

38 annual hours in an expanded subject

14 annual hours in Basic Jewish Studies

2 annual hours in a general course (instead of the regular 4 annual hours)

Total: 54 annual hours for a Bachelor's degree in an expanded subject.

The said quota in an expanded subject relates only to departments in which the total study quota for a Bachelor's degree is at least 64 annual hours.

Master's degree

12 annual hours in Track A – including research

20 annual hours in Track B – without research

Foreign language studies as per the basic requirements (without academic credits).


Admission Requirements to the Direct Track

·        An average of at least 85% (in some departments the required average is at least 90%) in all the courses, provided that at the time the application is reviewed there will be grades for 8 courses at a scope of at least 16 annual hours in the expanded subject.

·        Continuous studies in the study program throughout all the study years.

·        Continuous studies for Bachelor's and Master's degrees in the same department. A student who has studied for one year or longer in a different department than the one in which he wishes to study in the direct track will not be accepted to the direct track.

Students who are accepted to the direct track will register in the third year for Master's degree courses at a scope of at least 8 annual hours, in addition to the courses required for completing their Bachelor's degree in the direct track.

During the course of their first 3 years of study, the students will be considered as Bachelor's degree students, while in the fourth year of study they will be considered as first year students studying toward a Master's degree, after having been accepted by the University's committee.


Terms of Completion and Duration of Studies in the Direct Track

Each student in the direct rack must study continually and complete the Bachelor's and Master's degrees studies as follows:

·        Track without research – by the end of the fourth year from the beginning of studies for a Bachelor's degree.

·        Each student in the direct track must complete his Bachelor's degree studies within 3 years (or more, depending on the number of years required in the specific field).

·        Any deviation from during the course of studies will automatically annul the eligibility to continue in the direct track and the entitlements the track provides, such as the reduced hours quota and the reimbursement of tuition. Such a student will be required to complete his/her BA and MA studies based on the regular hours format.

The number of years will apply also in the case of change of course of study, change of research topic and any other development during the students' studies.


Last modified: 27/07/2017