Social Involvement

Social Involvement



The Sybil Wigdor Social Involvement Unit

The Sybil Wigdor Social Involvement Unit operates under the auspices of the Dean of Students, whose office is responsible for Bar-Ilan students' welfare.  The Unit organizes a variety of important activities for students, and views its role as contributing to Israeli society-at-large.  The Unit's activities are based on the premise that education in general, and higher education in particular, can be used as leverage for social mobility, bridging social gaps, and empowering the underprivileged.

The Sybil Wigdor Social Involvement Unit – Projects

>>Preferential Acceptance
The Sybil Wigdor Social Involvement Unit offers applicants identified as "worthy of advancement" and applicants with special needs the option of being accepted to Bar-Ilan University in a Preferential Acceptance framework.  These applicants may be accepted even if their GPA is lower than that required by the relevant department.
An applicant categorized as "worthy of advancement", in accordance with socio-economic criteria, is reviewed by the admissions committee of the relevant department.  These applicants may be accepted for academic programs under a mentoring/tutoring arrangement.  

>>Advancement of Students with Special Needs– the learning disabled, the visually impaired, the hearing impaired, and students suffering from other physical disabilities:

The objective of this social involvement project is to help students with special needs reach their full potential, without their medical limitations hindering their achievements.  The project also enables them to develop academic independence.  


Main Activities:

a.       Academic support
The Sybil Wigdor Social Involvement Unit offers students tutoring services,  thus providing them with an opportunity to succeed in their studies.  Two to four weekly hours of tutoring are offered to each of these students.
Tutors volunteering for this project are all outstanding honors students who have completed at least one academic year of study.  Tutors are required to submit a monthly report of activities.  In exchange for tutoring, they are either granted exemption from a general studies course, or they receive a scholarship towards their studies.

b.       Technical support
The Sybil Wigdor Social Involvement Unit provides technical support to needy disabled students.  The technical support offered includes reading materials aloud, photocopying and/or recording lectures, and library orientation.

c.        Academic amendments
Amendments are provided based on each student's specific needs, as reflected in medical examinations and diagnoses.  The students must strictly adhere to the Unit's guidelines and
complete their tasks in full, while maintaining the same academic level required of all other students.  Students authorized by the Unit to take modified tests, can register for up to two weeks prior to each exam.  


>>Advancing Students in the Peripheries

The Sybil Wigdor Social Involvement Unit offers tutoring to students struggling in their studies, in an effort to prevent them from dropping out and to help them graduate within a reasonable period of time.

Within the framework of this project, the following students can receive tutoring:

·          Residents of innercity neighborhoods and developmental towns, who are struggling academically

·          Minorities

·          "Atidim" project participants


>>Program for New Immigrants

The Sybil Wigdor Social Involvement Unit offers tutoring to students who immigrated from Ethiopia or from other countries.  New immigrants can enjoy group or individual tutoring.


Community Outreach

>>The "Mula" (University Readiness) Project

The "Mula" Project enables excelling high school students to acquire academic credits towards their bachelor's degree while still in high school.

a.       Phase 1 – eighth graders are enrolled in the project, which provides them with an academic basis in preparation for their continued participation in the program.  This course is comprised of eight sessions taking place in school, as well as two days of science workshops on the University campus.

b.       Phase 2 – ninth and tenth graders who have successfully completed the first phase are eligible to acquire academic credits from general courses in the University's various departments, such as brain sciences, psychology, mathematics, Jewish studies and life sciences. 


>>Community Involvement

The Unit highly values students volunteering off campus and in the community.  Only BA students can volunteer in the community, in exchange for an exemption of a general-course.


>>HaLev (Heart) Legal Aid for Impoverished Communities

The objective of this project is to provide legal aid to financially challenged citizens, who are unable to retain a lawyer in order to exercise their legitimate legal rights.


>>Haverim (Friends) Project – Jewish Learning Companion for New Immigrants 

The objective of this project is to introduce basic Jewish concepts to new immigrants, by providing learning companions (studying in pairs or groups).



The Sybil Wigdor Social Involvement Unit's Team:

Hadar Shuvi – Unit Coordinator

Miri Gorodetzky – Unit Administrative Assistant

Laurence Ohana – Computer and Form Registration Coordinator

Eti Katav – Diagnoses and Amendments Coordinator

Sharon Kazhdan – Special Needs Students Project Coordinator

Ivon Eshel – Project Coordinator: New Immigrants and Preferential Acceptance Students

Dikla Sher – Mula Project Coordinator


Unit contact details:

Tel: 972-3-5318491

Fax: 972-3-5354846



Last modified: 26/11/2017