General History

General History

Why study General History?
Historical research seeks to interpret our past. It delves not only into facts and figures, but also observes patterns and implications of past events, using methodical and comprehensive examination of documents and the remains of different eras. The knowledge of History is essential to the understanding of the world we live in, and its various cultures and societies. The objective of studying history is to expand our horizons, while enhancing our analysis and comprehension capabilities. 
Why study General History at Bar-Ilan?

Because our past is the foundation for our future
Of all the humanities sciences, Historical research is the only one that enables us to understand the causes of transformation and continuity, which are the cornerstones of General History studies.
The study of General History provides unique insights into the understanding of human society, and provides the students with the opportunity of knowing the "other" and understanding the complexity of the human experience.

Because of our unique teaching approach
The Department of General History at Bar-Ilan University is comprised of a cohort of young researchers, offering a variety of courses employing different teaching methodologies that reflect diverse styles of studying past events and unique approaches of examining our past.

Because of our diverse curriculum and teaching methods
Our curriculum strives to provide a comprehensive view of western civilization from various aspects – political, social, cultural and strategic. In a world where the present is conceived as the norm, the ability to think historically and critically affords students of General History with an important advantage.

Because of our extensive study track offering
BIU's Department of General History offers study tracks for BA, MA and PhD degrees. BA students can pursue their degree in General History in various ways. They can choose General History as a major, a minor, an unstructured major (combined studies of our Department and any other BIU Department), or a structured major (in which they specialize in two related majors, combining their studies in our department with the Department of Political Science, the Department of Classical Studies, and others).
General History BA graduates can also choose to continue and pursue their MA directly after completing their BA studies. Our Department offers MA study tracks with and without thesis.

 Because of the practical experience and training
The Department's study Programs trains students to carry out research projects based on various resources, and prepares them for a variety of future careers. This discipline is recommended for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in communications, by providing critical reading skills and excellent training in writing and text analysis. Business executives will be able to use a degree in General History to better understand the conceptualization and evolvement of the global village. Teachers will enjoy the benefits of an excellent background in a required field. Graduates of BIU's Department of History have moved on to careers in business, politics, military, government offices, journalism, law and academia.

Because of the great learning environment
The personal attention given by the Department's faculty to each student, and the efforts we take into providing a pleasant and cultivating learning experience, renders BIU's Department of History the best place to learn about our past, and prepare our students for the future.


For more information about the Department of General History, refer to the Department's website.

Last modified: 28/01/2016