Gender Studies

Gender Studies


Why choose Gender studies?
Gender studies focus on men and women's gender identity and the cultural differences between the sexes, with the recognition that gender issues affect all social and cultural aspects of human behavior, and are at the center of social order organization.  

The research approaches stem from the observation that gender definitions aren’t just a matter of biology, but are also inherit in dynamic social, cultural, and political processes guided by varying interests.

Why study Gender Studies at Bar-Ilan?

Because this is Israel first and leading Program
The Program for Gender Studies at Bar-Ilan University was established in 2000, as a result of the growing demand for academic studies and research in this innovative novel field, and became the first academic Program in Israel for advanced Gender Studies. The Program examines existing gender definitions from a critical interdisciplinary perspective, combining approaches from the fields of humanities, social sciences, Jewish studies, life sciences and law.

Because the Gender studies Program is for honor students only
The Program for Gender Studies at Bar-Ilan University includes M.A. and Ph.D. study tracks, offered only to honor graduates of B.A. Programs with a grade point average of at least 86. The most deserving of applicants will be offered grants and scholarships to study at the Gender Studies Program.

Because of our exceptional faculty members
Our professors are some of Israel's leading researchers in the field, who have acquired world repute thanks to their extensive publications in prestigious journals and due to their lectures and participation in prominent conventions and seminars.  

Because of the focus on important social issues
Seminars are held as part of the Program's curriculum offer debates on various gender related issues such as social deviations, feminism and women's status, pornography, prostitution, human trade, abortions and more. Academic debate also focuses on cultural conflicts such as ethnic and religious conflicts, immigration and emigration, sexual identity and mental health, white collar crimes and drug abuse.

Because only here you will find a Program for Men's Studies 
The Gender Studies Program offers a one-of-a-kind study track of Men's Studies, shining a light on the study of males as a distinct discipline within Gender Studies. Among the topics discussed in this innovative study track: men coping with the challenges of career and family, the new man, masculinity and sexuality, masculinity in the military and in politics, and male fraternity.

Because of the unique specialty in State, Nationality and Gender studies 
The Program for Gender Studies offers a unique specialty in key interface points between gender, state, society and nationality, which are the keystones of public debate, as well as academic research and teaching. 

Because of our focus on training future researchers    
Bar-Ilan University's Gender Studies Program is making a point of shaping the future generation of leading male and female researchers in all fields of Gender Studies, who will master the discipline in the highest levels, and who will demonstrate a deep commitment to the subject matter.

Graduates of the Gender Studies Program go on to promote equality among the sexes and analyze the Israeli culture in general and the social reality in particular.

For more information about the Gender Studies Program at Bar-Ilan University, refer to the Department's page on  or the department's website.

Last modified: 02/01/2017