General Philosophy

General Philosophy

Why study General Philosophy?
Philosophy was the first discipline to have ever been taught academically, and is a relevant subject to this day. Studying philosophy enriches our knowledge, develops our ways of thinking, and broadens our world perception. Exploring the different traditions and approaches helps us understand their role in the development of human cultures, societies, and ideas. 
Philosophical thinking fulfills an important function in western civilization and in Jewish intellectual heritage, and is an essential component of any academic education.

Why study General Philosophy at Bar-Ilan? 

Because of our academic Philosophy
The Department of General Philosophy at Bar-Ilan University views Philosophy not only as a profession, but as an essential component of the human condition. We believe that a degree in General Philosophy from Bar-Ilan University will illuminate your path in any direction you may choose, and assist you in conducting a rich, meaningful and interesting existence.  

Because of our versatile course offering
Bar-Ilan's Department of General Philosophy offers a unique array of courses in numerous topics, with specific emphasis on the history of philosophy, as well as courses in analytical philosophy and continental philosophy. Students at the General Philosophy Department have a choice of various study tracks, seminars, lectures, personal tutorials, and more.  

Because of our multidisciplinary approach
We view Philosophy as a wide-ranging scientific discipline, relating to all aspects of life and human knowledge. Therefore, the Department's curriculum includes collaborations with multidisciplinary Programs from such fields as communications, gender, technology, and social studies. Students may take part in collaborations with the Department of General Philosophy, the Faculty of Law, the Department of Computer Sciences and the Multidisciplinary B.A. in the Humanities Program.   

Because we teach you to read – and to write
Studies for an M.A. in General Philosophy provides students with the skills required for critical reading of philosophical texts, and advanced practices of philosophical writing and research. Students can use the Department's library, which is one of the most extensive ones in the country, holding 25,000 titles.  

Because science and society cannot exist without ethics
In the past few years, questions of ethics and morals have become an applicable field, of great significance to any organization, from government offices to medical institutes and commercial companies.

Because of our advanced scientific research
Students of our M.A. research study track (with thesis) benefit from the highest level of training in philosophical research, enabling them to plan and complete a comprehensive research project. Studies for a Ph.D. degree include advanced levels of original research, under the close supervision of our senior faculty members.

For more information about the Department of General Philosophy at Bar-Ilan University, refer to the Department's website.




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