Faculty of Exact Sciences

Faculty of Exact Sciences


The Faculty of Exact Sciences includes the following:

(1)         The Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA)

(2)         Department of Chemistry

(3)         Department of Physics

(4)         Department of Mathematics

(5)         Department of Computer Science

(6)         Department of Optometry


All of the Faculty's Departments offer Bachelor's (BSc), Master's (MSc) and PhD degree studies, with the exception of Optometry.

Students of the Department of Chemistry are also able to choose a study track with a Teaching Certificate.

Admission requirements
 The basic Bachelor's and Master's degree admission requirements are detailed in the general chapter on Bachelor's degree studies and Master's degree studies, respectively. In cases where applicants are required to meet additional admission requirements, these are indicated for each department separately. Acceptance of any applicant meeting the admission requirements is at the University's discretion.

The Bar-Ilan University credit system
Bar-Ilan credits are expressed in terms of "annual class hours." The number of "annual hours" awarded for a particular course is normally equal to the number of hours per week devoted to that course during a full year of study (i.e., each "annual hour" is equivalent to 2 credits as usually defined by the U.S. universities working on a semester system). This does not apply to laboratory, seminar, or recitation hours or for certain science courses for which a special credit hour value has been determined.

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