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Why study Chemistry?
Chemistry is an intriguing and important subject, complex and demanding as it may be. It is one of the most ancient scientific disciplines, laying the grounds for research of all kinds. Chemistry is at the heart of exact sciences, relating to all fields of natural and human sciences – from physics and mathematics to biology and medicine.
Chemistry is also a constantly sought after profession, and professionals in the field are always required for various industries, such as medicine, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

Why study Chemistry at Bar-Ilan?

Because of our superior Department
The Department of Chemistry at Bar-Ilan University offers study tracks for the B.Sc, as a comprehensive degree or as a major or minor degree as well as M.Sc., and Ph.D degrees. The curriculum includes courses in advanced chemistry, medicinal chemistry, chemistry of materials, biophysics and more.

Classes are held in small groups in order to enable personal guidance, and include a multitude of practical exercises, laboratories and computer classes, as well as seminars for the analysis of current research methods and topics.

Honor students at the Chemistry Department at Bar-Ilan benefit from grants and scholarships, as well as summer research jobs and preference in registration for advanced degrees. The Department's graduates proceed to take on key positions in all fields of industry, research and academia.

Because of our versatile course offering
Studies for a Chemistry degree at Bar-Ilan University are remarkably versatile and stimulating. Courses include subjects such as mathematics, physics, and all fields of chemistry, as well as practical subjects such as polymer chemistry, energy sources, ceramic materials and pharmaceutical development.

Because of the exceptional academic level
Bar-Ilan's Chemistry Department is renowned for its high academic level, and its faculty, which includes senior researchers and internationally acclaimed scientists. Students at the Department are provided with all the resources necessary to their success, such as an extensive library and one of Israel's most advanced computer lab.

The Chemistry Department has also established the Minerva Center on Microscale and Nanoscale Particles and Films as Tailored Biomaterial Interfaces, which serves as a focal point for biomaterials research.

Because of our multidisciplinary approach
Bar-Ilan University believes in a multidisciplinary education. Studies for a degree in chemistry include theoretical and applicable research interfacing with other scientific fields, such as physics, life sciences and engineering.

Because of the extensive experiments
Students at the Department of Chemistry profit from participating in our uniquely broad body of research, take part in various experiments, and experience first hand the implementation of theoretical studies into applicable uses. Students benefit from our first rate research labs and any advanced technological equipment required for these experiments.

Because of the advanced scientific research
The Department of Chemistry at Bar-Ilan is renowned for its innovative researches, focusing on both scientific and applicable fields, many of which lead to the development of groundbreaking technologies and materials. Students take active parts in these researches, and as early as their freshman year can enjoy the thrill and creativity of scientific research.

For more information about the Department of Chemistry at Bar-Ilan University, refer to the Department's website.



Last modified: 18/10/2015