Faculty of Life Sciences

Faculty of Life Sciences

Why study Life Sciences?
Life Sciences, the study of all biological aspect of living organisms, from plants and animals to human beings, focuses on the research of the various  mechanisms and activities typical to these living organisms. This is a key discipline, vital to our existence, dealing with, among others, the survival capabilities of mankind and of all other living organisms on earth.

Life Sciences are at the forefront of scientific research, and are considered as one of the key tools in assisting mankind to cope with challenges never before faced. The study of Life Sciences also helps us develop advanced research technologies, with which we can investigate critical issues that are seemingly irresolvable.

Therefore, the Faculty of Life Sciences attracts the most ambitious, inquisitive applicants, and opens for them a rich realm of possibilities for their education, research and career.  

Why Study Life Sciences at Bar-Ilan?

Because you deserve the best education
The Mina and Everard Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences at Bar-Ilan University offers study tracks for B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees, and provides biological knowledge and a scientific education based on the most advanced research development. In addition to providing its students with a rich scientific background, the Faculty also aspires to challenge them, spark their imagination, and cultivate their intellectual and cultural evolvement so they can go on to become socially conscience, responsible scientists, researchers and teachers.

Because of the superior academic level
Life Science Faculty Members are some of Israel's leading researchers and scientists. The Faculty has several qualitative research groups that include research colleagues, technicians, graduate and post graduate students, focusing on groundbreaking research that is generating international interest.  

Because of this degree can take you anywhere you want to go
Graduates of the Faculty of Life Sciences go on to pursue their Doctorates and actively participate in the Faculty's various research programs, preparing them for a career in academia, the biotechnological industry, medical labs and in public services.  

Our rapidly growing Faculty has become a center of excellence for education and research. Every year three of our most outstanding young faculty members are accepted into the world's most prestigious research centers, acquiring relevant experience and forming academic relationships all over the globe.

Because of our rich and versatile curriculum
Just as life on earth is amazingly diverse, so are the courses  offered at the Bar-Ilan Faculty of Life Sciences. Courses include botany, zoology, biology, ecology and more. 
Our undergraduate majors include:

1.             Life Sciences

2.             Biotechnology

3.             Computational Biology - Bioinformatics 

4.             Biophysics 

5.             The Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center

Specialized Programs include

1.           Cellular and Developmental Biology

2.           Ecology and Plant Sciences

3.           Immunology and Cancer Research

4.           Microbiology and Virology

5.           Neurobiology

6.           Structural and Computational Biology

7.           Brain Science Program

Ph.D. subjects are determined according to the lab supervisor's research topic. Studies also include the BioMedIn Diploma Studies Program for MD's or holders of Ph.D.'s in Life Sciences or other Paramedical fields. The Faculty offers special programs for M.A. and Ph.D. honor students. 

Because we are all about the environment 
As Life Sciences professionals you could facilitate and preserve the ecological system, which currently is at risk of becoming extinct, provide nourishment and energy to the vast and rapidly growing world population, heal and provide a higher quality of life to those suffering from various ailments and genetic disorders.

Because of our emphasis on lab work and field research 
Studies at the Bar-Ilan Faculty of Life Sciences aren’t just theoretical. They also include practical experimentation and the acquisition of tools and superior technical skills in lab work and field research, alongside the cultivation of critical analysis capabilities, problem solving abilities, and environmental awareness.  

Because only we look into the Jewish aspect of Life Sciences
Life Sciences are not just about biology – they also have moral, ethical and social aspects. The Faculty of Life Sciences at Bar-Ilan University is the only one that will provide you with a rich knowledge of these aspects, and teach you what Judaism has to say about the philosophical and ethical quandaries currently puzzling the scientific world.

For more information about the Faculty of Life Sciences at Bar-Ilan University, refer to the Faculty's website or check out the Faculty's  page.



Last modified: 11/12/2018