Geography & Environment

Geography & Environment

Why study Geography and Environment?
Holders of a Geography and Environment Studies degree proceed to fill in key positions in the private and public sectors: in government offices (such as the Ministries of Internal Affairs, Agriculture, Tourism and Environmental Protection); public authorities (the Meteorological Service, the Hydrological Service, The National Agency for Geodesy, Cadastre, Mapping and Geographic Information, The Israel Land Administration, and The Israel Nature and Parks Authority); local municipalities and regional councils; environmental planning offices; research institutes; teaching institutions; tourism sites; and a growing variety of organizations using geographical information systems (GIS).

Why study Geography and Environment at Bar-Ilan?
The Department of Geography and Environment at Bar-Ilan University focuses on fascinating and popular topics, opening a new realm of occupational and career possibilities for students completing any one of the various study tracks offered by the Department. 

Because of the faculty
Studying at the Department of Geography and Environment at Bar-Ilan University trains students to analyze environmental issues, enabling them to handle various problems based on their acquired knowledge of the structure and dynamics of natural systems and of the processes shaping the face of our planet. A degree in Geography and Environment endows graduates with a rich professional background and with the ability to plan projects and to operate advanced geographical information systems. 

Because of the diverse curriculum
Studies for a degree in Geography and Environment from Bar-Ilan University include a wide variety of introductory courses in topics such as physical rural geography, ecology, oceanography, hydrology, natural disasters and tourism. B.A. students can choose any one of six study tracks, as well as a direct study track for an M.A. degree. The curriculum includes fascinating courses like geopolitics, historical sites preservation, urban planning and geology.  

Because of our outstanding professors
Faculty members at the Department of Geography and Environment Studies are prominent researchers with expertise in various fields – historical geography, oceanography, social sciences, climate, geology and more.  

Because of the field experience 
One of the key objectives of Department of Geography and Environment Studies is that students acquire field experience first-hand. Numerous excursions and field trips are included in the curriculum, in order to illustrate theoretical subject matters and provide opportunities to analyze various geographical phenomena in real time. Some of our courses are held entirely on-site, as scientific research workshops.  

Because of the emphasis on environmental studies
This Department was named The Department of Geography and Environment Studies due to the great importance allocated to the geographical and environmental issues. We put great emphasis on teaching environmental issues and dilemmas, in fields that are affecting our lives and will continue to affect the lives of future generations. Such topics include ground water and aquifers, the Mediterranean Sea, environmental preservation and socio-geographical relations in different sectors.

Because of our advanced research labs 
The Department of Geography and Environment Studies at Bar-Ilan University makes it a point to be at the forefront of innovative technology, and allows students to take part in various researchers held in the Department's laboratories, such as the Remote Sensing lab and Geographical Information Systems lab.   

For more information about the Department of Geography and Environment Studies at Bar-Ilan University, refer to the Department's website.
Last modified: 18/10/2015