Why study Economics?
Economics studies develops unique and distinctive thinking skills that facilitate a deeper understanding of market processes and decisions of individuals, firms, organizations, industries and governments. Students of Economics enhance their analytic capabilities, and their ability to evaluate, explore and develop insights into various topics both in Economics as well as other related disciplines. A degree in Economics provides graduates with practical tools that can assist in decision-making processes both on the micro and macro levels. The study of Economics challenges the students to use various cognitive abilities, combining analytical and scientific skills that enable the student to think outside the box.

Why study Economics at Bar-Ilan University?
Studying at the Department of Economics at BIU helps students develop unique analytical skills, enabling them to excel in their field and move on to pursue higher degrees and successful careers.  Many topics in the field of Public Policy and Government, the focus of basic studies at our Department, have an important economic dimension; therefore, an education in our Department provides the appropriate background for students interested in the field of Political Science. A degree from our Department provides our graduates with an added value in today's complex financial market and in the economic intricacies of the global community.

Because of our unique study tracks
The Department of Economics at Bar-Ilan University offers several unique study programs, such as an BA, MA and PhD in Economics, an MA in Accounting, and a BA in Business Management & Finances.

Our BA study tracks can be taken as majors or minors, in a number tracks, combined with other BIU departments. 

Because of the cultivating learning environment
The Economics Department's staff and faculty make it a point to create a pleasant and intellectual learning environment, and all of our staff are very service oriented, maintaining an open door policy for all students.

Because we can help you pursue higher degrees and develop and academic career
We will provide you with the theoretical background that can lead to deeper and often surprising perspectives on the world.

A degree from our Department provides you with an outstanding theoretical background for MA studies in any number of disciplines (including ours), for MBA studies, and for Law Studies, especially for students interested in the combination of these fields. 

Because of the employment options and advantages
Studies at our Department prepare our graduates to work in various fields including the banking system, financial markets, insurance companies, law firms, government offices, non-profit organizations, public and private companies. Graduates of the Department of Economics have moved on to pursue higher degrees, and are placed in highly sought-after positions in the public and private sectors: as economic analysts, economic trends forecasters, risk management advisors, financial and investment advisors, CPA's, scientific experts, financial journalists, banking executives, and more.

For more information about the Department of Economics at Bar-Ilan University, refer to the Department's website.

Last modified: 18/10/2015