Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences


The Faculty of Social Sciences includes the following departments, schools and programs:

(1)           Department of Psychology

(2)           Department of Sociology and Anthropology

(3)           Department of Economics

(4)           Department of Political Science

(5)           Department of Criminology

(6)           Department of Geography and the Environment

(7)           School of Social Work

(8)           School of Education

(9)           The Integrated Study Program in Social Science – BA only

(10)     Business Administration

(11)     Accounting

(12)     Management

(13)     Logistics Management

(14)     Science, Technology and Society Studies

(15)     Gender Studies


The Faculty awards Bachelor's, Master's and PhD degrees in all the above, with the exception of the Integrated Study Program in Social Science (BA only).

A teaching certificate program in Geography and the Environment is also offered.

The School of Education also offers teaching certificate tracks.

For more information about the Faculty of Social Sciences refer to the Faculty's website.


















Last modified: 15/03/2017