Bible Studies

Bible Studies

Why Bible Studies?
The Bible is the most influential and recognized book in the world, and many people, regardless of their religious orientation, view it as an ethical and literary masterpiece. The Bible encompasses all principles and culture, revered by all nations and religions. The Bible represents the very core of the Jewish people, by which Jews can learn about their religious heritage, their people's history, and their social and moral values. The Bible describes the life of the Jewish people, and attests to the strong bond between man and his land. Studying the Bible is more than just an academic experience. It is a spiritual journey, as much as it is an intellectual one. Studying the Bible challenges the student to find new ways to expose the hidden meaning and significance of the Holy Scriptures, following centuries of interpretation and analysis. 

Why study at the Department of Bible at Bar-Ilan?

Because of our excellent faculty
The team of researches and lecturers at Bar-Ilan University's Bible Department is the largest of its kind in the world (let alone in Israel). The Department's researchers, 15 in whole, dedicate their time to academic research and teaching. Those include world renowned academicians, who contribute greatly to the national and international body of research in this field. All of our faculty members are highly rated lecturers, constantly invited to impart their wisdom and share their discoveries in lectures, institutions and events in synagogues and various learning groups. Each of our researchers focuses on a different aspect of Bible studies, such as Semitic languages, Biblical history, Biblical geography, Hermeneutics, Biblical ethics and more, thus our students enjoy a vast variety of approaches and views of Bible studies.

Because of the versatile teaching approaches
The Bible Department's faculty employ a variety of different teaching methods. One of our disciplines focuses on the meaning and significance of the bible, and the biblical ideologies as reflected in the different books of the Bible. We let the Biblical texts speak for themselves, and provide the student with a personal and challenging journey into the understanding of its many meanings. The Bible Department also promotes and illustrates the methods of Jewish interpretation on the Bible throughout the generations.

Because of the offered curriculum
Our curriculum is the most versatile and rich of its kind, both in Israel and in the world. The number of faculty members and the relatively large number of students enable us to offer a wide variety of courses, so that students can choose the ones they find most interesting and challenging.
Our collaboration with Bar-Ilan's School of Education enables us to offer a study track for a Teacher's Certificate for second-year BA students. Another program offered is an MA study track for teachers, focusing on the Biblical disciplines.

Because of the cultivating and pleasant atmosphere
The academic and social atmosphere in the department is familial and pleasant, both among faculty, students and among the students themselves. The Head of the Department and the administrative staff are attentive to all students and do their best to make the ambiance as pleasurable and academically conducive as possible.

Because of our students
Students at the Bible Department are a microcosm of Israeli society on all its segments. They come from all over the country, and from all walks of life. They all feel a sense of belonging and pride soon after beginning their studies in the Department. We also have students from other countries, mainly in the advance degree study track, who arrive to Israel specifically to study in our department, and they add their own unique cultural and social qualities to the atmosphere. 

For more information about studies at Bar-Ilan's Bible Department, refer to the Department's website.






Last modified: 18/10/2015