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Middle Eastern Studies

Middle Eastern Studies

Why choose Middle Eastern Studies?

Because if this subject is of interest to you, you are facing in the right direction: the Middle East and Islam are at the spotlight of global interests, and the massive market demand for eastern-experts offers a variety of career tracks in the various government branches, security forces, academia, communications and business sectors.  

Why choose Middle Eastern Studies at Bar-Ilan?

Because of the department
The Department of Middle Eastern Studies at Bar-Ilan is young and vibrant, offering a new, refreshing academic approach, and is considered one of the best in its kind in Israel. The Department offers a B.A.,  M.A. and a Ph.D. in Middle Eastern Studies, to be acquired in any of five optional study tracks.

Because of the Faculty
The Department's Faculty consists of world renowned professors, graduates of, among others, Harvard, Columbia and UCLA, whose researches are published in prestigious journals worldwide. Owing to our elite faculty members, the Department has become a center for academic activities, conferences and events, generating great interest. 



Because of the students

The distinctiveness of the Bar-Ilan's Department of Middle Eastern Studies attracts the best young minds in Israel, creating a prolific and challenging academic atmosphere. The Department's graduates go on to work in internationally leading institutions and organizations, and it is no coincidence that the Department has the largest number of doctoral students in its field in Israel. 

Because of the course offering
The Department's course offering in Middle Eastern studies is exceptionally diverse, and comprises of courses on subjects such as the Arab world, Turkey and Iran, religious and ethnic minorities, and offers the highest level of Arabic, Turkish and Farsi language studies.  

Because of the subject matter relevance
Befitting such a dynamic field, and especially in this side of the world, the Department keeps up with the goings on and continues to regularly educate its students in all aspects of globalization both in the western and Islamic worlds, focusing on the historic, cultural, societal, economic, political and international implications of world events.

For more information of Bar-Ilan's Department of Middle Eastern Studies, refer to the Department's website or check the Department's page on .

Last modified: 18/01/2017