Mikraot Gedolot - Haketer - Marcos and Adina Katz

Mikraot Gedolot - Haketer - Marcos and Adina Katz

The New Standard Bible for Every Jewish Home

Bar-Ilan University is producing the most definitive and authentic edition of the Tanach and its commentaries ever published, based on the famed thousand-year-old Aleppo Codex.


The new edition, called Mikraot Gedolot - Haketer was edited by a team of the world’s finest Bible scholars, under the leadership of Prof. Menachem Cohen, who is international authority on medieval Hebrew manuscripts.


This new edition takes us back to the roots of our faith and deepens our understanding of the original text. The Keter Bible corrects thousands of errors in the Tanach and biblical commentaries and features a breakthrough commentary called Ein Ha-Massora which reveals the secrets of the ancient Massoretic markings that appear alongside the original biblical text.

Mikraot Gedolot - Haketer 


Last modified: 07/12/2017