·          Yehuda Weinstein, LL.M., has officially began his tenure as Attorney General.  Weinstein acquired his LL.M. at Bar-Ilan University.  Weinstein is the first lawyer from the private sector to take on a public role, especially one with more power and influence than any other public position.  Previously, Weinstein served as a defense lawyer, specializing in white-collar crimes. 


·          The Prime Minister's Office has named Bar-Ilan Alumnus Ofir Gendelman as Arabic-language spokesman for public diplomacy.  The decision to nominate an Arabic-language spokesman was made in order to directly present Israel's views to the Arab speaking world, and to increase the exposure of this audience to Israeli initiatives and views. Mr. Gendelman is a Bar-Ilan alumnus, having acquired his MBA at the University.


·          Prof. Zvi Hacohen was appointed Rector of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.  He holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Chemistry from Bar-Ilan University, as well as a doctorate in organic chemistry and a post doctorate from Harvard Medical School.   Prof. Hacohen is a Faculty Member at Ben Gurion University, and his main field of research is microalgal biotechnology, dealing with the potential of microalgae in creating polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) for pharmacological and dietary purposes. He is also involved with the issue of biofuel.


·          Colonel Ilan Boger, who up until recently was the Commander of the Israeli Air Force base in Ramat David, will be appointed the head of Air Force's Human Resources Department.  Colonel Boger, who will be promoted to Brigadier General, is the son of former Israeli Air Force Commander, Major General Herzel Bodinger.  Colonel Boger will be replacing Brigadier General Rami Ben-Ephraim.  Colonel Boger holds a BA in Logistics and Economics from Bar-Ilan University.


·          Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman has appointed Dr. Guy Rotkopf (PhD, Bar-Ilan Faculty of Law) to serve as his director-general. Rotkopf served as former Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann's assistant and deputy during his term in office. A faculty member in the law school at the College of Management Academic Studies, he is a criminal law expert.


·          CPA Elior Gabai will be appointed Senior Deputy Head of the Capital Market Division.  He will be in charge of enforcement and supervision within the Division.  Gabai has acquired an LL.B. and an LL.M. from Bar-Ilan University, and has been working at the Capital Market Division since 2006.  His current position is Manager of the Department of Institutional Supervision. 

·          Judge Pinchas Asulin, LL.B. (Bar-Ilan University), was appointed the President of the Magistrates Courts in the Southern region of Israel.  Judge Asulin was previously a Family Court Judge and a Magistrate in Beer Sheba, as well as the Vice President of Family Courts in Israel's Southern region. 


·          Dalit Shtauber, holder of a BA in English, Literature and Linguistics and an MA in Education, both acquired at Bar-Ilan University, has been appointed as the Manager of the Tel Aviv Region at the Board of Education.  The appointment was made by a committee comprised of representatives of the Board of Education, local municipalities, the teachers' organizations and a representative of the Public Services Office.  

·          The Discount Banking Group has announced the appointment of Israel David to the position of CEO of the Credit Card Group Visa CAL Israel.  Currently, David is a Deputy CEO of the Discount Bank and Head of the Bank's Retail Division.  David, who holds an MBA from Bar-Ilan University, was also the Division Head of Marketing and Strategic Planning at Discount Bank, and the Chairman of Discount Bank for Mortgages.

·          Petah Tikwa City Council has appointed Sarit Greenbaum, Esq., to be the City's new Legal Counselor.  The Council was particularly impressed with Greenbaum's credentials and achievements, and the impressive results of her aptitude test results.  Greenbaum has acquired her Law Degree at Bar-Ilan University, and has been a practicing lawyer for the past 17 years.  She has also filled several public positions and is a member of various committees and panels.  Her latest position, for which she was appointed in 2007, is Chairperson of the appeals committee in the National Council for Design and Construction.


·          Prof. Ben-Zion Zilberfarb, Associate Professor at the Department of Economics at Bar-Ilan University, is a Director of the Perrigo Company, a US-based healthcare company.

·          Ronen Israeli, previously of Bank Leumi, joins the Swiss Bank UBP (Union Bancaire Privee), as Manager of the Bank's local office in Tel Aviv.  UBP is a privately owned Swiss bank, specializing and estate holdings for private and public customers.  Israeli holds an MBA from
Bar-Ilan University.

·          Yael Shabo (29) was appointed Head of the Teaching Technologies and Development Team at John Bryce IT Training, Matrix's Instruction and Implementation Division.  As part of her role, Shabo will manage teleprocessing instruction projects, such as instruction method development, webinars, etc.  additionally, she will be in charge of managing the instructional development teams and oversee organizational teaching processes in the division.  Shabo holds a BA in Political Science and Communications and an LL.M. from Bar-Ilan University.

·          Ronit Haviv, holder of a BA in Sociology and Data Mining from Bar-Ilan University, was appointed VP of Marketing at iDigital, Apple's official distributor and reseller in Israel.  Previously, Haviv was VP of Marketing at Ace AutoDepot, and Director of Marketing Communications at HOT, Israel's cable TV company.


·          Yehuda Forte, holder of an MBA with Major in Finances from Bar-Ilan University, was appointed CEO of Neviot, an Israeli mineral water marketing company.  Forte, who also holds a BA in Mechanical Engineering from Bar-Ilan Unviersity, has been the VP of Operations and Engineering at Coca Cola Israel for the past eighteen years.  


Last modified: 21/03/2011