Electro-Acoustic Music / Music Technology

Electro-Acoustic Music / Music Technology

This is a unique BA or Certificate program offered by Bar Ilan University's Music Department.  This Program incorporates research and creativity in a technological environment, teaches acoustics, computerized music applications, and the development of research and esthetic thinking.


The program is designed for musicians-performers, composers and musical improvisers who wish to develop their technological skills and to become familiar with technological applications in music; for musicians with basic working knowledge in a technological environment, who wish to expand their knowledge to include musical literature and analysis abilities; and for musicians interested in musical cognition and wish to familiarize themselves with the uses of advanced technological tools for musical research. 



Program Objective

To impart tools in acoustics, use of computers in music and development of an aesthetic and research cognition, while maintaining close contact with the world of classical and light music.

Admission requirements

Personal interview.

Study program

The program is intended for musicians interested in acquiring tools for electro-acoustic music composition, and to learn computer uses in a creative environment.

Duration of studies

Five semesters over a two year period.

Scope of study hours

16 credits



For more information about this Program please visit the Music and Technology website, or contact us at 972-54-813-2872or nori.viola@gmail.com.


Last modified: 04/12/2012