Security & Safety

Security & Safety

The safety and security of all university students and faculty members is of the highest importance to Bar-Ilan University's Administration.

All campus entrances are guarded at all times (during activity hours), and the campus is constantly patrolled by the university's security unit.

Any person entering the campus is required to present the guard with a photo ID, without which entrance to the campus is prohibited.


The peaceful Bar-Ilan Campus is safely located within the municipality of Ramat Gan, just 15 minutes away from Tel Aviv, and no where near any of Israel's borders. All students, faculty members and university guests feel completely safe and secured while on campus.


The University maintains a service center where students can report broken or damaged facilities on campus between the hours of 08.00am - 4:00pm.  

Tel: +972-3-5318000 (or 8000 from any internal Bar-Ilan University phone)


In case of an emergency, students should contact Security at +972-3-531777 (or 7777 from any internal Bar-Ilan University phone).


For all other non- urgent security matters, students should call +972-3-3517171 (7171 from an internal phone) or 03-3518550 (8550). 


There are ten entrances to the campus, each staffed by security guards. For more information about entrances to the campus, click here.


Lost and found objects should be brought to Ilan Feizack in the securrity offices in the basement of the Shleiffer Building (building 304). The offices will be open to the public every weekday from 8:30- 12:30 and from 14:00-15:30. For inquiries please call 03-5317778. If you need to contact the lost and found outside of regular office hours please contact the security company on campus. 



Last modified: 13/09/2016