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  • Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz

    Board of Trustees Approves Appointment of Rabbi Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz as Next President of Bar-Ilan University

    Date: 2013-05-21 Hour: 10:32

    Bar-Ilan University's Board of Trustees has unanimously approved the appointment of Rabbi Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz as the next President of Bar-Ilan University. The appointment will take effect this October, when the 2013-14 academic year commences.  Prof. Hershkowitz will replace Prof. Moshe Kaveh, who is completing nearly 18 years as President of the University. 

    At a Plenary Session in which the votes were cast, Dr. Mordecai D. Katz, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, thanked Prof. Kaveh on behalf of the Board for his tremendous contributions to the unprecedented development of the University under his stewardship, as well as for the University's outstanding academic achievements over nearly two decades.  These achievements have included the establishment of multidisciplinary centers for brain and nanotechnology research, a Faculty of Engineering and the School of Medicine in the Galilee, as well as the expansion of Judaic studies.  Dr. Katz added that he met with Rabbi Prof. Hershkowitz after a Search Committee recommended his appointment, and is confident that he is the right person to assume the position. At the Plenary Session, Dr. Katz was elected to an additional term as Chairman of the Board.

    Born in Haifa Rabbi Prof. Hershkowitz, 60, served as Minister of Science and Technology in the previous Israeli government.  He earned his three degrees in Mathematics at the Technion and completed his IDF service (1973-79) in the Intelligence Corps with the rank of Major.  In addition to his academic education, he studied at Mercaz Harav Yeshiva in Jerusalem and received his rabbinical ordination from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel in 2001. 

    Prof. Hershkowitz has held a number of senior academic positions at the Technion, including Head of the Division of Continuing Education and External Studies, Dean of the Faculty of Math, Chairman of the Academic Faculty Organization, President of the Disciplinary Court, and more.  He also served as Professor of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the United States from 1983-85 and from 1988-89.  Prof. Hershkowitz has published over 80 articles in scientific mathematical journals and been invited to deliver scores of lectures around the world.  He has served on organizing committees of a number of international scientific conferences.  Prof. Hershkowitz was Editor-in-Chief of two prestigious scientific newspapers in algebra, as well as President of the International Linear Algebra Society from 2002-2008.

    In addition to his extensive academic activities, Prof. Hershkowitz takes an active role in his community's spiritual activities, gives lessons on halacha, thought, ethics, and Judaism across the country, and has published several articles on these topics in various journals. 

    Prof. Hershkowitz is married to Shimona, who until recently served as principal of the state religious school "Ibn Gabirol", a middle school and high school for special education in Haifa.  The Hershkowitz's have five children and 11 grandchildren.
    At the conclusion of the Plenary Session, Student Union Chairman Matan Bar Noy announced that the Student Union would award an honorary degree to Prof. Kaveh – the first in its history -- for his outstanding contributions to the University.  The degree will be bestowed upon Prof. Kaveh during Student Day at the end of May.