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  • Honorary Doctorates Awarded During Bar-Ilan University's 54th Annual Board of Trustees Meetings

    Date: 2009-05-12 Hour: 22:54

    This evening, during the historic visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Israel, Bar-Ilan University awarded an Honorary Doctorate to Father Patrick Desbois, a French Catholic Priest who serves as a consultant to the Vatican on Christian-Jewish relations, and who spearheads the search throughout today's Ukraine for the sites of mass shootings of Jews during the Holocaust.
    Father Desbois was honored for his humanitarian work on behalf of the Jewish People, his tenacious efforts to counter Holocaust denial and ensure ongoing remembrance for Shoah victims, and his dedication to religious tolerance and interfaith cooperation.
    Additional Bar-Ilan University Honorary Doctorate recipients included:
    Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm, Chancellor of Yeshiva University in New York, for his dynamic leadership of Modern Orthodox Jewry in the United States and his advancement of Torah U'Madda ideology.
    Prof. Walter Kohn, of the United States, for his Nobel Prize winning contribution to revolutionizing the scientific approach to the electronic structure of atoms, molecules and solid materials.
    Prof. Roger Kornberg, of the United States, for his Nobel Prize winning research which paves the way for more effective treatment of cancer and other diseases.
    Jewish immigration pioneer Aryeh "Lova" Eliav, of Israel, for encouraging the "Ingathering of the Exiles" and ensuring their successful absorption in the Jewish homeland.

    Business leader and social activist David Fuhrer, of Israel, for his leadership in Israel's health care market and commitment to advancing the needy sectors of society.

    International jurist Prof. Ruth Gavison, of Israel, for her legal achievements which are helping to shape the future character of Israel and its judicial system.

    Business and communal leader Meir Shamir, of Israel, in appreciation of his leading role in business and philanthropy, his contribution to the Israeli economy and academia, and support of needy youth and university students.

    Jewish communal leader Alan Zekelman, of the United States, for his support of Jewish causes in the Diaspora and Israel, and commitment to the University and its Torah and Science ideology.

    Israeli actress Miriam Zohar for her stellar achievements in Israeli theater and her contribution to developing and enriching cultural life in the State of Israel.

    At the ceremony Bar-Ilan University President Prof. Moshe Kaveh who earlier in the day was reelected by the University's Board of Trustees to a fifth consecutive term in office, urged the Israeli government to refrain fom budget cutbacks for higher education. "Don't forget that our future and our children's future is in education, and I call upon the government to place education at the top of its agenda," said Prof. Kaveh, who indicated that despite the difficult economic situation, Bar-Ilan University intends to absorb 150 scientists returning to Israel.