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  • The central performance at the Dahan Family Unity Park amphitheater

    The central performance at the Dahan Family Unity Park amphitheater

    Thousands Participate in Researcher's Night at Bar-Ilan University

    Date: 2019-09-24 Hour: 7:53

    Approximately 6,000 people attended Bar-Ilan University's annual Researchers' Night on campus.

    This year's event focused on turning scientific ideas into reality. Dozens of activities enabled parents and children to enjoy new scientific experiences.

    Bar-Ilan University was one of many educations institutions in Israel and Europe to open its gates to the public-at-large, offering the opportunity to meet face-to-face with world-class scientists with the dual goal of building an affinity for science and exposing scientific research taking place in academia.  

    European Union Ambassador to Israel Emanuel Giaufret toured the various scientific booths, exhibits and performances organized by the University and tweeted, "I spent a great evening @BarIlanU for Researchers' night.  So many future scientists on campus and amazing innovators."

    Researchers' Night is an annual project under the auspices of the European Union and the Ministry of Science and Technology.  During this unique evening research and scientific institutions around the country and in Europe open their doors, free of charge, to the public-at-large, offering access to the country's best scientists, scientific lectures, laboratories, experiments and demonstrations carried out at a variety of scientific booths, through strategy games, and more. 

    This year's activities at Bar-Ilan University included a central performance in the Dahan Family Unity Park amphitheater on Chemistry Beyond the Imagination,  scientific demos and experiments, presentations of research by EU grant recipients, demonstrations on the detection and healing of cancerous tumors using copper particles, experiments and demos performed by the science for youth program, environmental games, lectures at various booths within the University's Smart Cities Center, first aid tutorials, creativity workshops for children, scientific ice cream and electromagnetic magic sessions, a virtual reality booth, and much more.