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  • 63rd Session of the Board of Trustees Officially Opens

    Date: 2018-05-07 Hour: 11:21

    Marking the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel, Bar-Ilan University kicked off its 63rd annual Board of Trustees meetings and events at a gala dinner honoring four exemplary individuals and an organization for Iranian American Jewry.

    The five honorees were presented with the Presidential Award of Distinction in tribute to their outstanding demonstration of leadership in the collective Jewish nation, and their extraordinary recognition of the importance of higher education in shaping future generations of Jewish leadership.

    Mary Liling Goldberg was recognized for her commitment to women and women's rights in Israel and across the globe.  Liling Goldberg has been active on behalf of women for well over 30 years.  She represented the International Council of Jewish Women (ICJW) at the UN in Geneva in 1979.  Later, she volunteered at Jewish radio in Belgium and continued to be involved with women's issues within the Council of Jewish Women of Belgium and the Women's Campaign for Society Jewry. Until last year she was a representative if ICJW to the Council of Europe (Strasbourg) and to the UN in Geneva.

    The Iranian American Jewish Federation (IAJF) of New York was honored for its efforts to improve the lives of Iranian Jewish students at Bar-Ilan University.  For the past 16 years the IAJF has made a difference in the lives of many by joining hands to further the common goal of serving the community by collectively addressing issues dealing with Jews around the world.  At Bar-Ilan University the IAJF has supported nearly 200 students of Iranian origin and at all degree levels.   

    Bar-Ilan University paid tribute to Dr. Gitta Nagel for her lifetime achievements in service and devotion to strengthening and enriching tradition through Jewish education, community leadership and profound support for the State of Israel.  Only miracles and sheer courage enabled Dr. Nagel to survive the Holocaust and continue life in her native Amsterdam before immigrating to the United States.  She is the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate from Bar-Ilan University in recognition of her lifelong service to the community.

    Elio Moti Sonnenfeld was recognized for his support of medicine, mental health, education, and disadvantaged populations through the Danielle Foundation he established in memory of his late daughter. The Danielle Foundation has created several outreach programs and supports many others, such as the "Danielle Clinic", Bar-Ilan community psychology clinics, and scholarships for students at the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine.  He has also supported Bar-Ilan University's many initiatives using advanced technologies, such as the Responsa Project, the world's largest Jewish database, to make Jewish heritage and values accessible to all.

    The University feted Israel Weinstock by presenting him with a Presidential Award of Distinction for his commitment to advancing and promoting science and technology. Weinstock established an organization called the JIG (Jewish Identity Group) focusing on educating people about lost Jewish communities, specifically in Eastern Europe.  He is also very devoted to Holocaust education. He helped set up a museum for Children's Holocaust Education and was significantly involved in establishing Beth Shalom, the only Holocaust museum in England.

    The Presidential Award of Distinction was established by the President of Bar-Ilan University in order to recognize the outstanding contribution of philanthropists and friends from Israel and around the world to the further development and achievements of the University. The Award is presented annually at the Board of Trustees meetings.