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  • Amb. Talo (left) and Prof. Havlin

    Italian Ambassador to Israel Awards Order of the Star of Italy to Prof. Shlomo Havlin 

    Date: 2017-05-23 Hour: 12:08

    Prof. Shlomo Havlin, from the Department of Physics at Bar-Ilan University, has been awarded the "Order of the Star of Italy". The honor is conferred upon those who have acquired special merit in the promotion of friendly relations and cooperation between Italy and other countries.  One of Italy’s highest civilian honors, the Order of the Star of Italy was presented to Havlin by the Ambassador of Italy, H.E. Francesco Maria Talo'. 

    Ambassador Talo' praised Havlin for his important contribution to international scientific collaborations, and in particular for connecting Israel to Italy. The Ambassador attributed Havlin's success to his ability "not only to understand science, but also to make others understand his own discoveries. Not only to write scientific papers but also to be readable by others... This prize is just a beginning: it is a commitment to foster and expand scientific collaborations between Israel and Italy."

    The strength of Havlin's international collaborations is represented by the fact that he is the second most cited Israeli scientist ever (h-index of 119, with close to 70,000 citations in total).

    Havlin thanked the Ambassador for the important honor. He gave credit for his success to the large number of students and collaborators, who brought forward his line of research and spread his scientific methods. In particular, Havlin mentioned some of his former students, such as Prof. Reuven Cohen, Dr. Ronny Bartsch, and Dr. Amir Bashan, who are now faculty members at Bar-Ilan University in the departments of Mathematics and Physics, as well as current members of his group, including Italian citizen Ivan Bonamassa, who is currently enrolled in doctoral studies at Bar-Ilan University.

    Dr. Baruch Barzel, from the Department of Mathematics, explained the importance of Havlin’s work by pointing out that "Havlin is one of the founding fathers of the Israeli network science community and also a renowned network scientist worldwide. His research has shown that the classic physics of phase-transitions, universality and particle interactions can be extended to social, biological and technological systems, along the way uncovering their source of resilience and robustness, and ultimately developing efficient strategies for their immunization. Shlomo's most recent works on interdependent networks have continued this pioneering and innovative line of thought to tackle the most pertinent challenges of epidemic spreading, cyber-security and resilience in an interconnected world."

    The prize was officially awarded during a ceremony opening Havlin's colloquium on "Cascading Failures and Recovery in Interacting Networks". The Department of Physics at Bar-Ilan University enjoys strong ties with Italy thanks also to the scientific attaché of the Italian embassy, Prof. Stefano Boccaletti, who is a visiting professor at Bar-Ilan University, and Dr. Emanuele Dalla Torre, who recently organized the Italy-Israel meeting on Nonequilibrium Physics at Bar-Ilan University. The Ambassador was accompanied during his visit by the Italian Consul General, Mr. Niccolo' Maniello, and welcomed at Bar-Ilan by University Rector Prof. Miriam Faust.