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  • Bar-Ilan University President Rabbi Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz with recipients of the Presidential Awards of Distinction

    Bar-Ilan University President Rabbi Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz with recipients of the Presidential Awards of Distinction

    University Confers Awards Upon Twelve Distinguished Individuals

    Date: 2017-05-18 Hour: 12:53

    Bar-Ilan University awarded Presidential Awards of Distinction and Alumni Achievement Awards this week in the framework of its 62nd annual Board of Trustees meetings. Award recipients hail from Israel, the United States, Switzerland, Panama, and the United Kingdom.

    Presidential Awards of Distinction were conferred upon Zeev Abeles, Nissim Dahan, Allan Dalfen, Dr. Yonat Floersheim, Sion Harari, Ruth Morris, Gabriella Nasch, Dr. Marc and Karen Rivo, and Elliot Tannenbaum.  Alumni Achievement Awards were bestowed upon Sarah Blau (Class of 1997) and Irad Eichler (Class of 2003).

    The Presidential Award of Distinction is awarded annually at the Board of Trustees meetings.  It was established by the President of Bar-Ilan University in order to recognize the outstanding contribution of philanthropists and friends from Israel and around the world to the further development and achievements of the University. 

    Zeev Abeles received a Presidential Award of Distinction in recognition of his efforts to advance equal opportunities and make Israeli higher education accessible to all by enabling needy students to pursue their academic dreams.

    Nissim (Nick) Dahan, Esq. was honored for his commitment, fervor and passion to advance his dream of global and Middle East peace and prosperity and to continue his parents' legacy at Bar-Ilan University, which is home to a Unity Park, Classroom Building, scholarship program, Sephardic Heritage Center and other programs and facilities bearing the Dahan name.

    Allan Dalfen was feted for his steadfast support in advancing Torah studies and Jewish education at Bar-Ilan and on the West Coast of the United States.

    Dr. Yonat Floersheim received accolades for advancing Bar-Ilan University in Switzerland and for her support of Jewish culture and art.

    Sion Harari's support of Jewish communities in the Diaspora, commitment to advancing science, and his dedication to the Israel Defense Forces were celebrated in honoring him with the Presidential Award of Distinction.

    The University paid tribute to Ruth Morris for the pivotal role she and her late husband, Conrad, played in the leadership of Bar-Ilan's British Friends and for their dedicated support of the University and its Azrieli School of Medicine.

    Gabriella Nasch was recognized for her commitment to kindness and charity that has benefitted and inspired many, and her support for scientific research which seeks to improve the quality of human life.   This week the University officially dedicated sophisticated equipment that Nasch provided to assist in research toward restoring sight.  The equipment is housed in the Neural Imaging Lab at the Leslie and Susan Gonda (Goldschmied) Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center.

    Dr. Marc and Karen Rivo were honored for their commitment to advancing public health in northern Israel in partnership with The Azrieli School of Medicine of Bar-Ilan University.

    Elliot Tannenbaum was feted for promoting the absorption of returning Israeli scientists and advancing The Azrieli School of Medicine of Bar-Ilan University.

    The Alumni Achievement Award was established in 2015 to mark Bar-Ilan University's 60th anniversary year.  The Award is granted to university alumni who have become distinguished leaders making significant contributions to Israeli society, economics, security and education.  Candidates are selected based on the influence and impact they have on Israeli and Jewish life and the personal values that they demonstrate – dedication, initiative, creativity, and innovation.

    Author, playwright and media personality Sarah Blau, who graduated from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in 1997, received an Alumni Achievement Award in recognition of her contribution to enriching culture in Israel and her activity in the fields of literature and communication.

    Social entrepreneur, founder and chairman of Shekulo Tov Irad Eichler, a 2003 graduate of the Faculty of Social Sciences, was honored for his social initiative and community outreach, and for his contribution to the advancement of people with disabilities.  Shekulo Tov is a non-profit organization integrating people with mental illness into the community.