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  • University Rector Prof. Miri Faust

    University Rector Prof. Miri Faust

    University Rector Featured in WZO Exhibit Marking 120 Years of Zionism

    Date: 2017-02-27 Hour: 8:05

    Brain researcher Prof. Miri Faust, the first female Rector of Bar-Ilan University, has been singled out by the World Zionist Organization (WZO) as one of a number of trailblazing women who have risen to prominence in key areas.  Prof. Faust is featured in a new exhibit at Ben Gurion Airport marking 120 years of Zionism in the framework of the 120th anniversary of the First Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland.   The exhibition highlights the activities of the Zionist movement, as well as hundreds of Israeli and Zionist figures in the formative moments of Israeli life.

    The exhibit is comprised of photos that have become well known icons in the history of Zionism, graphics, drawings and compositions, and three-dimensional images. Subjects ranging from Aliyah and absorption, settlement of the land and agriculture, to Israel's relationship with the Diaspora, Jerusalem, the resurrection of Hebrew as a spoken language, and Israel' defense and security are all included in the display, with captions in Hebrew and English.  The exhibit, which also features early Zionist leaders and founders of the State of Israel including Theodor Herzl and David Ben Gurion, stretches over 400 feet on the central walkway of Terminal 3. 

    Prof. Faust believes that it is of the utmost importance to promote excellence in research and in teaching at Bar-Ilan University. "In my role as rector, my mission is to provide researchers and students with an optimal academic environment and the proper conditions so that every faculty member and student can realize his potential, and our faculties and departments can excel even further. The role of a public university is to advance science, create new knowledge and transfer that knowledge to its students and the entire scientific community."

    This is Prof. Faust's third year as University Rector.  She previously served as Deputy Rector, Chairman of the Department of Psychology and Advisor to the Rector for the Advancement of Women. She is considered a world renowned expert on brain and language, and has published more than 90 book chapters and scientific articles in international peer-reviewed journals, has presented her research at over sixty international conferences and forums, and has supervised more than 70 MA, PhD and Postdoctoral research students.

    She has won numerous competitive research grants from the Israel Science Foundation, the Israel-US Binational Science Foundation and the Ford Foundation.  Prof. Faust has reviewed dozens of research papers, articles and research proposals, and was a member of dozens of professional committees and competitive research reviewing committees.  She is on the editorial board of the international journal "Brain and Language"