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  • Prof. Zeev Zalevsky

    Prof. Zeev Zalevsky was awarded the Taubenblatt Prize for Excellence in Medical Research

    Date: 2011-08-03 Hour: 16:19

    Prof. Zeev Zalevsky, Head of the Electro - Optics division at the School of Engineering and Director of the Nano Photonics Center at the Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA), was awarded the prestigious "Leon and Maria Taubenblatt Prize for Excellence in Medical Research" for the academic year 2010/2011 for his research on Multi-Functional Bio-Medical Micro Probe.  The grant is awarded to continue supporting the research of Prof. Zalevsky on developing Bio-medical devices.

    Prof. Harold Basch, BIU's Vice President for Research, congratulated Prof. Zalevsky "You, Prof. Zalevsky, are one of the people who holds the most patents at the university. In addition to being an Electro-Optics specialist, you have also delved into biomedical research, and for that you are awarded the prestigious Taubenblatt Prize for 2011. You have been working at Bar-Ilan for 8 years, during which you’ve received numerous scientific awards - we are blessed to have you and wish you much success in your research and scientific practices. "

    Prof. George Moschytz, Head of the School of Engineering, praised Prof. Zalevsky. "Prof. Zalevsky, you are one of the School of Engineering's leading researchers. Your extensive activities, both in research and in advancing the School bring us to break research barriers.  The School of Engineering, which this year celebrates it's tenth anniversary, and is about to become a Faculty in October, has been blessed with excelling scientists like Prof. Zalevsky, and they are the source of our pride.

    Prof. Zalevsky was very excited to receive this award. "I thank Prof. Basch for his kind words. I thank the Taubenblatt family for this prize, and appreciate their commitment to advance the research done at Bar Ilan University. I want to thank the team of researchers and students who worked with me on this research." Prof. Zalevsky delivered a lecture at the ceremony.

    The Taubenblatt Foundation was established twelve years ago by Leon and Maria Taubenblatt from Germany. Maria and her son now head the Foundation. For the past twelve years, many researchers at Bar-Ilan have been awarded this prize - including Prof. Uri Nir, Prof. Shulamit Michaeli, Prof. Haim Breitbart, Prof. Ron Goldstein and Dr. Mira Barda-Saad from the Faculty of Life Sciences, and Dr. Hamutal Slovin and Dr. Ed Stern from the Brain Research Center.