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  • Prof. Arie Reich, Dean, Faculty of Law

    BIU Law Grads Number One in Israel in Passing Bar Exam

    Date: 2011-05-12 Hour: 17:54

    The results of the Israel Bar Exam have been released and Bar-Ilan University's Faculty of Law graduates have ranked number one in the country in percentage of those that passed. Among the country's law schools, Bar-Ilan University achieved the best pass rate at 95%.

    More than 2,500 law students took the written certification examinations of the Israel Bar Association, which was administered earlier this month. The 111 Bar-Ilan Faculty of Law students who took the exams achieved an average score of 73.3. Israeli students who studied abroad received the lowest scores. Over the last few years Bar-Ilan graduates have achieved top marks on the Israeli Bar.

    The latest exam was considered especially difficult by many, and the percentage of those that failed was high.

    "The Bar-Ilan Faculty of Law invests heavily in its students in order to achieve these impressive results," said Prof. Arie Reich, Dean of the Faculty. "Our secret to success is a combination of our rigid acceptance requirements, small, intimate classes which allow us to grant students maximum attention, a young, energetic and top-notch faculty, and an innovative and challenging curriculum. In addition we are the only law faculty in the country that incorporates mandatory legal work on behalf of the community as part of its curriculum," added Prof. Reich.

    The Bar-Ilan Faculty of Law enjoys close ties with leading academic institutions around the world.